So it’s the end of December now. All that preparing and planning for Christmas is over, and it’s almost a new year. The first few weeks of this month were pretty shitty with all the illness we had, turning into an old lady and hurting my neck, and trying to keep up (and failing) with everything Christmas and blog-wise. It kind of felt like I was living a weird sped-up dream life for a few weeks there. But we had… View Post

I never forget the moment, about three or four months after giving birth. I stood brushing my hair at the mirror as I got ready to go out, looked down at the hairbrush to find what seemed like all my hair attached to it. Another couple of strokes of the brush pulled out even more. I was terrified – what the hell was happening to me? Source It turns out hair loss is one of those very common but rarely… View Post

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have a lovely Christmas and get everything you always dreamed of. I hope you have a wonderful day wth your loved ones, and take this one day to relax and be happy.

I have been tagged by fellow Notts blogger – Jane, at Maflingo to answer some Christmas questions. After a really crappy and difficult couple of weeks I’m not really feeling very Christmassy yet, so hopefully this will get me into the Christmas spirit! What’s your favourite Christmas Movie? Ooh, maybe Love Actually – it’s just so sweet and lovely to watch, especially that bit with Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln (“To me, you are perfect”) – oh so cute. I also… View Post

I’d never been to Warwick Castle before, despite it only being around an hour away from me. But last Sunday we took a quick trip there for the afternoon with our Merlin Annual Passes to see the beautiful castle and grounds at Christmastime and to visit Santa. Warwick Castle is a really amazing place, with stunning grounds and castle. There’s lots to do there on any day, and even more during the Christmas season. We first of all went to… View Post

It’s been a pretty terrible week and I am hugely overwhelmed and anxious! But I’m sure I’ll be alright soon. The list of shitty things feels pretty endless – eye infections, doctors appointments, more illness, no sleep – and plenty more crap that means I’ve had no time to get anything done. Oh well, I’m sure all will be well by Christmas day – even if I can only see my presents through these slits for eyes that I have… View Post