At the beginning of January my little munchkin turned 5 years old, which is just completely insane. Sometimes I really can’t believe I am the mother of a five year old, and yet when I see her in her little school uniform or listen to her speak, she seems so grown up. I’m so incredibly proud of her, and she amazes me every day with how wonderful she is. At the moment she is a right pain in the arse… View Post

Having a child at school has been quite a big change for us, and it’s one that we’re still getting used to. My lovely, happy little girl who mostly adored nursery and seeing her friends and lovely teachers has become a little girl who I have recently had to physically drag into the school gates half an hour after school has started. A little girl who can’t get to sleep at night because she has too much on her mind,… View Post

Hurrah! It is Friday and Ava has already broken up as she has an Inset Day today. I’ve said this before, but I could never quite understand how parents were happy about it being half term. That sounds horrible – I love spending time with my daughter – but to me it meant not having time to get anything done, or having a clue about when I would be able to work, and not getting a break from my lovely… View Post

A couple of weeks ago I headed to London and the very cool YouTube Creator Space, to meet up with the lovely lads from the world’s most engaged YouTube channel SORTEDfood. I was there to find out all about their very exciting new collaboration with Co-Op – Now Cook It – in which they hope that together they can start to bridge the cooking skills gap that exists in young people today. They wanted to provide something that would get young… View Post

As I’ve talked about before, since becoming a mum I’ve started to think a lot more about what I’m putting into mine and my daughter’s bodies. I want us all to live long and healthy lives, and be healthy on the inside as well as look well on the outside. But at the same time I want to make it as simple as possible to be healthy and for it not to take too much work, otherwise we just wouldn’t… View Post

I get quite excited by new technology, I can be a bit of a geek that way – if I could afford to try out all of the new gadgets and technology then I would! If it’s something that I think could make quite an improvement on my life then I want it even more, and an Echo or the Amazon Echo Dot (£49.99) was one of those things. So I decided to spend some of my Christmas money and a… View Post