*Sponsored post in association with American Express®. I’ve always had a passion for travel; I love planning a trip and researching accommodation and things I’d like to see there. At 23 I travelled around the world for 5 months, fell in love with New York, Vietnam and New Zealand, and my love for seeing the world escalated. I love exploring a new place, and experiencing the culture and language. After a trip I really love looking at photos of the… View Post

I’ve talked about making raw chocolate at home before, but I’ve never actually got round to sharing a recipe for it. It is so easy to make, and tastes amazing – plus as it contains raw cacao it is actually pretty good for you as it contains loads of antioxidants as well as good fats, from the cacao butter and the coconut oil. As well as that it is refined sugar free, so it’s much, much better for you than… View Post

We’ve been to The Sealife Centre Birmingham quite a few times now – especially over the last year with our Merlin Annual Passes, and we love spending a couple of hours there, especially if the weather’s bad. There’s so much to see and it’s really interesting for both kids and adults. After you enter and past some tanks of fish, you get to see the lovely penguins in their icy surroundings or gliding beautifully through the water. They have very… View Post

A little while ago I reviewed the BABY Born Sister Doll, which Ava absolutely loves, alongside the original doll that we already owned. Now we have added even more to her growing collection with the BABY Born Interactive Sunny and Foal set. She has been asking for this for a while – she loves animals, and the fact that her dolls would be able to ride Sunny made it even more appealing to her. She was therefore extremely lucky (read:… View Post

Oh what a week! Since last Friday Ava has been quite poorly and it has been hard and horrible. She’s had a raging fever, been in pain with a head and tummy ache, and was throwing up for days. She’s only eaten a tiny bit since last Friday and now she’s so lethargic and still suffering, and she is very, very grumpy. She’s been off school for a week now which means that my mammoth lists of things to do… View Post

I flipping love jewellery. I love wearing rings and bracelets and I have my ears pierced three times, plus a Daith and a Cartilage piercing. I really love switching up the jewellery in my ears and I love browsing for pretty or cool earrings online. Wearing jewellery is a part of my style and I always have some on. I was recently sent some very pretty earrings that I chose from Happiness Boutique – I’d never heard of the brand before… View Post