Readly Review – The Ultimate Magazine Subscription? (Plus Try it Out For Free!)

I have always loved reading magazines – I love flicking through the pages and enjoying the articles or a bit of celebrity gossip. But since becoming a mother all I ever do is buy magazines and never read them. I miss sitting with a cup of tea reading my favourites, but I’m mostly too busy to sit and have a flick through or at the times I could, I don’t have one with me.


Readly review

So when I was offered a trial of Readly I thought it could be good for me to be able to spend some time here and there having a read, as well as always having the option to use the app on my phone wherever I am. Plus as I’m going on holiday really soon I thought it would be perfect for using then without travelling with heavy magazines, and a lot cheaper too!

Readly is a magazine subscription app that you can subscribe to monthly for £7.99 a month. You can read as much as you like and have access to over 2100 top titles. Seeing as that’s the price for only a couple of magazines nowadays then I think that’s really good value. You can set up to five different profiles on one account, and on five separate devices, so the whole family can read their choice for the same price, which is brilliant, and they’re all kept separately so whatever anyone else is reading doesn’t affect you.

Seeing as that’s the price for only a couple of magazines nowadays then I think that’s really good value. Especially as you can read all your favourites for no extra cost each month, and have access to them all constantly on your phone or tablet – no carrying heavy magazines around with you! I think it would be especially great for any train trips or holidays to keep you entertained. I’m looking forward to reading my favourite magazines on the Readly app on my holiday, and not having to carry heavy magazines to the beach with me!

Yeah, like I need to boost my butt.

I was really surprised how many magazines you can get on the Readly app – every magazine I could think of that I’d like to read was on there, and I’ve added them all to my favourites so that I have easy access to them. I have lots saved – travel mags, gossip, health and fitness, food, and women’s – and I couldn’t afford to read a fraction of them each month usually.

I’ll be honest, I love flicking through an actual magazine, and having it there in my hand. But Readly is just so incredibly convenient and practical and saves me money too, and I think it’s great to have, even if you just get it for a month or so occasionally whilst you’re on holiday or something. I would like to be able to browse a certain category – for example, be able to search ‘lifestyle’ and it comes up with those in that category. You can search, but other than ‘Recommended for you’ you would need to know the name of the magazine you are looking for. Hopefully as I use it for longer then the recommended section will get to know my tastes more and suggest any I might like that I haven’t already favourited.

You can download any magazines you want to your device, current or older issues so that you can read them offline too – perfect for on the beach! I’m really enjoying reading my favourite magazines again, and find the app so convenient.

You can get a free month of Readly for yourself by going here. You can cancel at anytime, so it’s definitely worth trying it out.

I was given a subscription of Readly to try out and review, but all words and opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.


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