Reasons to be Proud to be from Nottingham

Nottingham, the Queen of the Midlands, home to Robin Hood, This is England and Jake Bugg to name just a few! With an accent many have tried (and failed to) to replicate, and a literary history that is nothing to sniff at – Notts is a pretty incredible place!

Here are just some of the reasons why, if you’re from Nottingham, you should be feeling proud as punch!

Home to the Stars!

Nottingham has seriously contributed to film and television. Batman’s home in the Dark Night Rises was at Wollaton Hall, famous stars from Nottingham include Sam Marton and Aisling Loftus, not to mention Po from the Tellytubbies, come from Nottingham.  

Art, Art, Art!

You can find the largest gallery in the UK dedicated to culturally diverse contemporary visual arts in Nottingham at the New Art Exchange.

Medical Pioneers

The MRI scanner? Yeah, that was invented in Nottingham.

Ye Olde Pubs

Pub culture is very much still a thing. And we take it very seriously here. According to The Bell Inn and Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, they are among the oldest pubs in England. Richard I even graced their floors.

Working in Nottingham

Nottingham was voted in the top ten happiest places to work in the UK- beating London by some way! It’s no wonder then that there is such an ever growing list of interesting jobs in Nottingham. A British business known nationwide – Boots, was set up here in Nottingham, and a tradition of successful businesses set up here has continued ever since. Nottingham is famed for creativity and diversity and this can be seen in all aspects of life here – including business.

King of the Road

We take road safety seriously. John Peake Knight invented the traffic light in 1866 after seeing too many people lose their lives on the roads. The very first traffic light was placed near the House of Commons in London, powered with a revolving gas-powered lantern with a red and green light.

Beer! (Or Ale…)

You know those places that don’t have local ale? Yeah, Nottingham is not one. Breweries such as Navigation and Castle Rock make sure we have our supply of fine local ales.

We are the Champions (or at least we give it a good go!)

We take sports seriously. Notts County, around since 1861, is the oldest professional football team in the world. You can also find ice hockey, cricket and rugby lovers. P.s. Per head of population, there are more sports facilities and cultural events than any other city in Europe.

The Castle!

Nottingham Castle. Need I see more?

You Can’t be Bored

There is always something to do, somewhere to go. There are over 400 clubs, café bars and restaurants readily available to accommodate over 110,000 customers.

Marvellous Inventions

Thevideo cassettee recorder and Ibuprofen were invented here. You’re welcome, world.

Come Fly with Me!

No need to go through all the hassle of traveling 2 hours to get to an airport. East Midlands Airport is only 12 miles away with direct access via shuttle bus from the city center. You seriously appreciate this after visiting a city and taking 3 hours to get from the airport to a hotel.

Close to the Capital

The city is well connected all around. London is 1hr and 45 minutes away by train, Nottingham Rail Station is timely, and the bus network efficiently has 400 scheduled departments at peak hours to make sure people can get where they need to go.

There are and will always be, of course, loads of other things to add to the list. But as of now, hopefully people are feeling even more proud of hailing from Nottingham!

In collaboration with Emily J.

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