Achieve Your Goals, Get Things Done // A Review of Bidvine

When I was planning my wedding last year, I spent a long time browsing Facebook and searching on Google for the perfect photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser and florist. A lot of the time it felt like I was going round in circles and just wasting so much time which I just didn’t have. The same ones often came up, but they wouldn’t suit my style or would be way out of my price range, but it took a lot of research, and emails and phone calls to get to that point, to then have to start my search again.

review of Bidvine

I’ve recently found out about Bidvine, and I think it’s a great idea. With Bidvine you can quickly and easily find qualified professionals for the service you require, that are local to you. You detail what you need using their straightforward service-specific questions, and then Bidvine sends your request to the right qualified professionals.

review of Bidvine

You can then hear back within hours from those who meet your requirements. The great thing about it is that they come to you, via email or phone – so you don’t need to spend ages searching for the people you need and not getting anywhere. You can just respond to the one’s that interest you in your own time. It also gives you an end date so that you know that you have received all of the quotes that you are going to by a particular day.

You can see company profiles and their professional credentials – already knowing that they are in your price range and local enough to you – because you’ve put that information in. You can also choose whether the service pro travels to you, or whether you travel to them – up to a certain distance that you specify. This means that you don’t get someone contacting you who lives across the other side of the country – unless they are happy to travel for you.

review of Bidvine

I used Bidvine to find a photographer for a children’s photography session and it was so quick and easy, and then I could forget about it until I heard from the relevant professionals that fit my criteria. Within a few hours I’d had three emails from people who wanted to work with me; given their price quote, a little bit about them and their work and where to go for more information and samples of their work.

All of the three quotes I have received so far have been right at the lower end of my budget, which is nice. Out of the three there is one that I would pursue – she provided plenty of details, including her lovely website – so I could see straight away that her style of photography suited mine, and it was great already knowing that she was within my budget.

The other two wouldn’t be right for me – one just isn’t my taste of photography, and the other I felt didn’t provide enough information straight away – there were no sample photos or a website I could look at, and very little other details. She also only gave her phone number, rather than an email or website – you can contact them directly on the site – I just appreciated the other two giving me all of their information clearly – it makes the whole process easier for me.

I’m rather surprised at how simple the whole process of using Bidvine is. It literally took two minutes to request the service I was after and giving the appropriate information, and from that I have potentially found a photographer to meet my needs, who, if I was actually looking to hire someone, I would contact to talk some more with.

The website is clearly set out and easy to use, and covers a wide range of areas and services, such as cleaners or party planners, with more to come soon. I love that all of the legwork is done for you with Bidvine, and next time I’m looking to hire someone in Nottingham I will definitely try it out again. It would have been great to have when planning my wedding. I don’t know of any other service or any other way of finding qualified professionals in Nottingham, that is as simple and reliable as Bidvine, and I would presume that it will only get better as more and more professionals are available to find through the site.

This is a collaborative post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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