Starting School, Gilmore Girls and Yazoo #LittleLoves

So it is Friday; the very last Friday before my little girl starts school for the first time. The summer holidays have come and gone so fast, and we haven’t done half the stuff I wanted to do with her. But I’m excited for next week and seeing her in all of her uniform properly for the first time (which I incidentally having finished buying yet).

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Welcome to this weeks Little Loves!


I finally finished the boring book I was talking about a couple of weeks ago! I had to sit and force myself to get to the end so I could move on to another book finally. The ending was pretty lacklustre too.

I also read the list of things A needs for school, after not being able to find it for a few days – I wonder if I will always be one of these very disorganised mums – I reckon I probably will.

I really liked my friend Kip’s post about why he can’t wait for his son to start school – I completely agree with it, and whilst I understand that some people get upset about their child starting school, I am the opposite. I really can’t wait to see her grow and develop, and have her excitedly tell me about her new friends and what she’s been up to each day.


I’d heard my friend Zara mention Gilmore Girls a few times, but it didn’t particularly appeal so I didn’t pay much attention. Then one day I was browsing Netflix looking for something new to watch when I thought I would give it a try, but didn’t have high hopes. Oh my word – I absolutely love it; it’s sooooo good. It’s really easy to watch, but not in a boring way at all, and it’s just so lovely. There are loads of seasons too, and even better (because it’s an old show), they are making new one’s right now! So it should last me a little while.


I’ve worn lots of summer dresses recently. I’ve been really loving the hot weather we’ve been having, and it finally feeling like we’re getting a summer at last.

You might have seen my post with George at Asda the other day – I styled some outfits for me and Ava for their #GeorgeMiniMe campaign, so we wore matching dungarees..

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Ava has lived in this cute hat from George.


She also got her face prettily painted at the Num Noms event we went to, and we both got matching arm paintings too!

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I also wore this lovely dress from Oasis at ASOS, but annoyingly I haven’t got any decent photos of me in it yet, and I felt quite nice in it for once. It’s in the sale now too!


Ava made some quick ‘Frozen’ fairy cakes yesterday. She added more water to the icing sugar when I went to answer the door, so it went a wee bit runny…

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So many brilliant songs at the wedding I went to at the weekend. I just wanted to keep dancing all night.

The last ever episode of ‘The Office’ was on telly the other day, so I heard this… 💕

And lastly…

My little baby girl is starting school next week! I’m pretty excited to actually have a good amount of time each work to work and get the housework done, so we have more time to have fun at weekends. I should hopefully be able to keep on top of my work a lot more and hopefully take on a few freelance clients. I’ll miss my girly lots, but I think it’s gonna be good for both of us.

Hope you’ve had a grand old week xxx

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  1. 2nd September 2016 / 4:52 pm

    I love those dungarees! I’ve always wanted a pair for myself. I’ve yet to make cakes with Parker, it’s definitely want to do as the weather starts getting colder. Hope starting school goes smoothly for you and your little one, a fun adventure! #LittleLoves
    Stacie recently posted..Demolition, A Fairy Garden & Justin Bieber?! #LittleLovesMy Profile

  2. 2nd September 2016 / 8:12 pm

    I love your twinning outfits!! I really don’t suit dungarees but love them! I too am OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls, I am actually watching it right now as I type this comment! xx

  3. 5th September 2016 / 7:26 pm

    I haven’t caught Gilmore Girls yet, I have been told its really good! I MUST try and watch it the next time I am editing (only time I get to watch anything).

    I can’t believe she is starting school! The amount you achieve during the day knowing they will be home soon is surprising! Love this :) xx

  4. 7th September 2016 / 8:43 pm

    My little boy starts school next week too and I feel really excited for him. He is so ready and has been gutted this week that he has to wait until Monday (as he’s one of the oldest in the year, he starts a week after the others, it’s how his school stagger the new starters). I’m looking forward to listening to all the tales he’ll have to tell me when I pick him up. xx #LittleLoves
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  5. 8th September 2016 / 10:53 am

    Yay for the Gilmore Girls! I’ve finished the lot now and can’t wait for the November when the new stuff comes out.
    Loving your twinning outfits. My girls love it when we match.
    Hope Ava’s first week of school has gone well. xx

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