Stay Wild

I stand watching my little girl, with her lovely free spirit and willingness to let go and have fun, and I often wonder at what point in life we stop being like that. At what point do we start caring about what people think of us, start worrying about what we look like, and stop just singing and dancing like a crazy person with a bag on our head whenever we feel like it?

stay wild

I know that’s just a part of life and growing up – we become more aware of how things are and how we are supposed to behave. But sometimes it all just seems such a shame. When we are little we do everything with no fear of what might happen, and no worries – we just live – and bloody enjoy it. As we get older the worries and fears start to creep in until we sometimes let them overwhelm us.

Jumping cubwitch fancy dress

I love watching my daughter and seeing how absolutely carefree she is. Of course things bother her sometimes; being made to brush her teeth/hair, or being told to turn the iPad off can result in a massive meltdown, life is awful… and she’s very upset for about two minutes. But then it is all forgotten and she carries on being a happy little bunny.

I want to be like that. Of course we have more to worry about as get older – life can be worrying, and hard. But it’s sad that we spend so much time worrying about what others think of us, as adults, and that we become scared of stuff that we never were before, so much that we stop doing them.

Ava in Little and Fierce HatAva on a beach in Porto

Little one, I hope you always feel like dancing around the house and spinning around until you get so dizzy you fall over. That you are always happy and willing to chat to anybody and give them a big smile, as you don’t even realise that you are brightening their day.

I hope that you continue to not care about looking silly and are always happy to get covered in mud and mess up your clean clothes. I really hope you are always happy with yourself like you are now, and that you continue to see your beauty as you do when you look in the mirror, pose, and pull faces at yourself, just like you do now.

Stay wild little one.

Life can be hard, it can also be wonderful, and often those little, fun moments are some of the best. I wish we could all have just a little bit more of that child’s spirit that we left behind so long ago; dance in the rain rather than running to get out of it, forget about the housework and dance around the kitchen instead, and forget about looking silly and just go for it. Sometimes I think we get how we should be, how we are supposed to act, so stuck in our head, that we forget to just be, forget to enjoy the little things and just go with it rather than over-thinking everything, and worrying about what might happen.

I think we all need a little more child, a little more wild, in us.

Don’t you?

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