Struck By Cupid’s Arrow: Letting Love Come To You

No matter your situation, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on the little things. That snack before bed and that cup of coffee in the morning. Stuff like texting back your date, you know? Life really does rush by.

But we should always find the time to build relationships because we might not truly understand their worth and value they can bring. It’s about bringing love into our world.

If you want to jump headfirst into your next relationship and add love to your life, here’s what you can do.

Struck By Cupid's Arrow: Letting Love Come To You


First off – stop searching for it. Love will come to you! If you stop looking and trying so hard at finding someone to spend your life with, you can spend the time looking inward and accepting who you are. Heal all the wounds that your history has brought and develop new skills. Use the time that you are single to become the best you possible. You don’t need someone to be whole. You need to learn to be that by yourself.

That means you can live life on your terms. You don’t need to be with someone to be happy! If you learn more about yourself, you can do things that are meaningful to you! You can make your own rules and live by them. You are the one who needs to succeed in life. If you do the things you want to do, you will meet people with similar goals naturally. By looking out for yourself, you’ll have a bigger chance of meeting someone just like you.

This is the point where your imagination needs to be kerbed as well. There’s nothing wrong with a creative and active mind, but if you’re trying to appeal to a made-up soul mate, you’re going down the bad path. Stick to realism and authenticity. This is going to make you attractive in a natural way because you aren’t appealing to creations that only exist in your mind. If you try to make yourself attractive – you’ll alter everything about yourself. Learn to listen to others and take advice on (see more here). If you open yourself up to real life, you’ll be able to take on more and become a real person, rather than a fantasy and you’ll meet a real person – rather than a fantasy. If you’re attracted to certain qualities within a partner, why not focus your attention on building them within yourself? If you build those qualities, you might find what you are looking for without digging for it!

Struck By Cupid's Arrow: Letting Love Come To You


When you do eventually meet someone – allow it to be natural and don’t manipulate anything. Do you want to get this far and ruin it? Pay genuine affection to each other and know what type of relationship you want.

Don’t try and restrict yourself – get out there and meet new people. Build yourself and your skills and don’t lose yourself in the process. Don’t just find love, let it come to you.

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