My Suggestions for Family Easter Fun

I always love an opportunity to do something fun as a family. So with Easter weekend coming up, there’s a chance to get out and have some fun. Or stay in and have some fun, if the weather doesn’t play ball! If you’ve got kids in school, you’ll also get another opportunity for family fun. The school holidays start in a couple of weeks for some, since Easter is early this year. If you want to do something as a family, whether your children are big or small, I’ve got some great ideas for things to do. Try one of my suggestions for a great day out.

To the Big City

Even if you live in a city, visiting another one is always fun. We love taking trips to London, and there’s so much for kids of all ages to do. There are often free events to attend, especially during the holidays. I love the idea of London’s Kidzania experience, although it’s mostly for children aged 4 and above. They get to spend the day in a pretend city, engaging in lots of role playing activities. There’s a play area for little ones too if younger siblings are around. There’s much more you can do in any city, from taking a walk to finding somewhere to have afternoon tea.

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Theme Park Fun

Theme parks aren’t just for older kids. They don’t have to be tall enough to go on a rollercoaster to have a fun day out. You can usually find plenty of rides and other activities for little ones. Gentle rides like spinning teacups are lots of fun for all ages. During the holidays, you can usually get some great deals too. I’ve seen 2 for 1 Blackpool offers, for example, to make your day out cheaper. There are some excellent theme parks up and down the country, so you can always try somewhere new.

Rainy Day Activities

It’s not always nice enough weather to be outside, especially at this time of year. But there are other things you can do if it’s raining. Soft play areas are always a favourite and great for getting rid of toddler energy. Going out for a meal is great too, especially if you can find somewhere family friendly. Of course, there’s nothing to say you have to leave home. A day at home as a family can be just as fun, and you can do some Easter activities together.

Last-minute Getaway

You might think it’s too late to book a trip away, but there’s still time. If you look in the right places online, you can get a great last-minute deal. Not only can you book a hotel just before you go, but you’ll save a lot of money too. Think of somewhere you would like to stay for a few days and use some deal sites to find something that appeals to you. Some time away should be fun for both the adults and kids.

Make sure you have a fantastic Easter by putting together some plans. It’s a great time to do some family bonding.

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