The Superfoods That Can Save Your Sight From Harmful Blue Light

I’ve heard before about blue light being damaging to our eyes, and I even bought those orange glasses you can get (and never used them), but I didn’t realise quite how much we are exposed to blue light in our everyday lives, and how harmful it can be for our eyesight.

Exposure to blue light can damage our eyes over time and lead to Macular Degeneration – the leading cause of blindness in the west. Blue light has a higher frequency than red light, so it vibrates with more energy which means it is more hazardous to the eye. And we are exposed to blue light all the time – from the sun, as well as artificial light and our digital devices – which is why we shouldn’t use our phones in bed at night.

Luckily, we can decrease our risk of getting Macular Degeneration with the food we eat, so check out the infographic below to find out the superfoods you should be eating to help retain good eyesight.

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