Supporting Safer Play in the Sun, With Ladival

This year, Ladival are the official sun protectors of British Tennis and they have very excitingly asked me to be an ambassador for them, and help support their campaign to support and encourage safer play in the sun.

ladival campaign

Apparently, 61% of young people aged 13-24 have avoided using sunscreen in order to get a better tan, which is a bit worrying, but as someone who has done the same thing in the past, I don’t find it particularly surprising. Unfortunately though, it is the damage done to your skin when you are young that could lead to skin cancer developing in later life, which is why Ladival have launched this campaign to build awareness on the importance of wearing sun cream whilst playing sport outside.

The campaign is called the #LoveSPF Rally. All you have to do to be involved and raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, is to share a sports selfie on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and then tag a friend to carry on the social ‘rally’.

The aim is to build awareness of wearing SPF when playing sport in the sun, and for every sports selfie generated, Ladival will donate £1 to the Shunburn campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust.

ladival campaign

I think it is so important for everyone, but particularly younger people, to wear sun cream if they are going to be outside for any period of time. Since becoming a mum I am so careful in the summer months to make sure that my daughter’s skin is protected from the harmful rays from the sun. Her young skin is so delicate, and I hate the thought of seeing her with sunburnt skin. Luckily we have done a good job of keeping her protected on three summer holidays in the red hot sun, including a month abroad last year – and she didn’t burn at all. Of course, like all children she hates having sun cream put on, but the effort it takes is worth it.

I’m also a lot more vigilant about putting sun cream on my face. During the summer I always wear a moisturiser containing SPF, and a dedicated SPF product if I know I am going to be out in it for a long time. I already have wrinkles and I certainly don’t want to encourage them to get deeper any faster by cooking my face in the sunshine.

I completely understand that as you can’t see the effects the sun is having on your skin immediately that it can be hard to prioritise that over getting that lovely tan. But as my mum used to always remind me – you can still tan with a sun cream on – yes it may take longer, but at least you’re not putting yourself at risk of skin cancer and premature ageing.

Ladival is a sun protection brand that protects against 4x more of the sun’s harmful rays compared to standard UV-A and UV-B sunscreens, as well as being suitable for sensitive skin and eczema.

Something I love about Ladival is that it doesn’t contain preservatives, perfumes, colourants, parabens or PEG emulsifiers – which I think is great. I have heard so much over the last few years about sun cream containing lot of nasty things, so I love that Ladival are free from all that, especially as I’m very careful what I put on Ava’s skin.

I am going to be trying out lots of different Ladival suncare products over the summer, as well as giving some away along with some other great prizes – so watch out for that! I’m really pleased to be a part of this campaign with Ladival, and to help encourage people to protect their skin whilst they are playing sport.

This post is in collaboration with Ladival as part of my Ambassador role.


  1. 2nd July 2016 / 10:59 am

    I have fair skin so sun cream is vital for me and mine. This looks like great stuff

  2. 2nd July 2016 / 2:45 pm

    I also have fair skin – however the sun doesn’t seem to like me. I can be in sun all day and still pale as anything. Weird. This look like really great stuff for summer skin. xx

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