The Best Coffee Machines for Your Money

My husband has been wanting a coffee machine to add to our kitchen for years, and even though I really wanted one too (because they’re cool and pretty), we couldn’t really justify spending money on one, especially because I didn’t really drink coffee at the time. Also, we didn’t really have room on the side in the kitchen for another device.

The Best Coffee Machines Available

Buuut, then we got some Amazon vouchers, and I wanted to start drinking coffee again (no sleep!) and one thing led to another, and suddenly a very pretty Nespresso machine was winging its way to us.

Before I buy anything like that where there is so much choice, and I will be spending quite a lot of money, I always make sure I do plenty of research on the products available. There are lots of different brands of coffee machines available, as well as one’s that work differently depending on the type of coffee you like, and how much you have to spend.

For us we wanted a machine that made espressos and lungos, that looked good and was as small as possible. Neither of us have milk in our coffee so we didn’t require a milk frother (although I still want one for hot chocolates!), so I did some research into the best coffee machines available, and we decided on the Nespresso Pixie – which is nice and compact and looks good too.

I love it and use it most mornings to wake me up and get some caffeine in my body.

If you’re looking for a new coffee machine, then you can find out more from Sensible Reviewer about some of the best coffee machines to suit your budget and requirements.

Do you own a coffee machine? If so which do you have?

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