The Monthly Catch-Up // November

I’m quite shocked that we are almost at December already. I know pretty much all us bloggers talk about is how fast time is going, but it feels like Christmas has just been sprung upon us this year. It felt like we were nowhere near and now people are starting to put their Christmas decorations up (it’s still too early people!) and I am running out of weekends to get the house ready.

Monthly Catch-Up

November has been pretty rubbish from what I can remember. It’s been a blur of emotion and illness, and I’m looking forward to it being December and getting more into the Christmas spirit.

For the first couple of weeks of this month we had a lot of trouble getting Ava to school. I talked about it a bit here – but it has just been awful. She was having a bit of trouble with some girls at school not being particularly nice to her, and so she was crying her eyes out every morning and evening before bed because she didn’t want to go, and then I literally had to drag her there every day. It was horrid. We kept working on it with her though, and talking to her teacher, and it has really improved, thank bloody goodness. She still says she doesn’t want to go, and gets slightly upset occasionally, but she walks in happily most days now (apart from her complaining that I’m using up all her energy as we’re rushing for the school gates every day!), and it’s such a relief.

Monthly Catch-Up

Blogwise, I haven’t really done anything – there have been no fun events – in fact this month hasn’t been very fun at all really. We’ve had quite a bit of illness – A has been sick and then had a couple of colds, and she’s still battling a cough right now, as am I. I have been ill for over a week, just as I was finally catching up with everything, and I feel like total crap. I’d say it’s flu, but I’m not a knob. It’s just a (very!) bad cold and cough. I’m coughing so vigorously and forcefully that I keep getting a shooting migraine pain that then lasts for hours, and it’s really not the one.

Anyway, enough bloody whinging. We’re alive and that’s what counts, right? And December should be good. It will be good for Ava at least, so that’s good enough for me. December also means that she can finally start on her advent calendar finally and stop asking me every day if it’s time yet. The fact that they (yes ‘they’ – of course I have one too) have been out in view for the last couple of weeks since I bought them is proof enough of our lack of storage space isn’t it. We have the Thorntons Snowman ones if you’re interested. Kinnerton used to actually be my favourite, but then they went really shit and small with no pictures, and what is an advent calendar without pictures, I ask you? Pants, that is what. And don’t even get me started on the ones that Lidl sell – they don’t even taste like edible chocolate. Sometimes I think you can tell what mood I’m in or how tired I am from my blog posts…

So that’s it! To sum up – a boring, shitty month, that consisted of crying and illness. I hope you enjoyed this awesome post. You’re welcome.

Bring on December and all the festivities!


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