The Zoggs Peppa Pig Swim Range {A Review}

Before our month-long holiday to Spain and Portugal we were sent some lovely swim things for Ava from the Zoggs Peppa Pig Swim range.

Zoggs Peppa Pig Swim Ring

We received the Zoggs Peppa Pig Swim Ring and Goggles, and after we had been sent them I realised that last year I had bought the armbands, swim bag and soakers from the same range, so I threw them all into the bag and took them with us.

Ava particularly loved the Peppa Pig swim ring and it made a big difference to our days on the beach. Ava kept wearing the blow-up ring around her waist whilst she was just splashing about on the shore, but after a while and a bit of persuasion from Mummy she decided she was happy to venture further into the water with me. The inflatable ring meant that she could come further into the water (with one of us by her side the whole time of course) and we didn’t have to spend all of our time on the shore. She bobbed along with the waves and didn’t have to worry about going under. I think even though armbands keep kids afloat, as they are placed on the child’s arms, water can still splash all over their faces, whereas with the ring around their waists they are a bit higher up so it’s nicer for them, and Ava loved it.  I could hold on to it as I pulled her further into the sea and she really enjoyed being brave and going further in.

Swimming with the Zoggs Swim RingZoggs swim ring

The swim ring was easy to blow up, and small enough that it didn’t take up too much room in our luggage. We ended up not using the armbands that we took as the swim ring fit Ava (at three and a half) perfectly, it was quicker to put on her and she could move about more easily with it on. It is only £8 which I think is a really good price for something that you can take with you (unlike bigger rings than you would want to buy on holiday and then leave there), and that can help younger children get used to the water and feel safe.

Zoggs Peppa Pig Rangezoggs swim ring in the sea

The Peppa Pig goggles are another great little thing to get your kid used to the water. Ava enjoyed wearing them and she seemed to find them comfortable. They seemed very secure although we couldn’t actually test them properly as she wasn’t ready to go under the water. She loved the Peppa Pig design and couldn’t wait to put them on when she saw them, along with her ring. I think she’ll enjoy trying them out some more when we go to our local swimming pool. The goggles cost £10.

Peppa Pig Swim GogglesZoggs Peppa Pig GogglesZoggs Peppa Pig Swim Range

One of the things I bought last year was the Peppa Pig soakers from Zoggs which Ava had already played with numerous times in the bath and at a swimming pool at Bluestone Wales last year, and has also carried them around with her out of the water. The soakers consist of Peppa and George and are the perfect size for little hands to hold and grab at in the water. They are really good to take into the water with you and to throw to encourage little ones to swim to get them. Ava enjoys having Peppa and George with her in the water and loves making them have little conversations with her in the bath. They are £8 which I think is a good price as they should last a while and as they can be used in the bath you can gets lots of use out of them.

Zoggs Peppa Pig Float ToysZoggs Peppa Pig Swimming Ring

We really like the Zoggs Peppa Pig bits that we have tried. The Peppa design makes them more interesting for kids and they are nice and bright too. They also come in blue if your child prefers that to pink. The range is very reasonably priced and a good size for taking away with you or using at the local pool.

We were sent the Zoggs Peppa Pig swim ring and goggles to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own or Ava’s.


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