Things to do in Sicily for an Amazing Holiday

Sicily is truly one of the greatest holiday spots in the Mediterranean. From the incredible views of the ocean to the towering peaks of active volcanoes, the island is a natural wonder. Sicily also has an incredibly diverse culture and a holiday here is a wonderful mix of history, relaxing, eating amazing food, and enjoying the welcoming climate. One great way to enjoy your stay and make it a little bit more special is to rent one of these Sicily’s luxurious villas and explore by taking day trips.

amazing sicily

One of the most incredible natural wonders of Sicily is Mt. Etna. This active volcano is an incredible snow­capped peak with a beautiful nature reserve around the mountain. A great way to see the mountain is to travel to Taormina and view the ancient volcano from the Greek theater in the city. If you are more adventurous you can actually climb the volcano on hiking trails and see remnants of lava flows and if you are lucky a small eruption.

Palermo is another great city to visit. It was built at the crossroads of major trade routes throughout the Mediterranean and has a unique mix of cultures brought there by major empires. The city has amazing architecture and be sure to see mosaics in the church of La Martorana and take the trip to Monreale where the cathedral has more Norman age artwork. In the town itself the historic center is filled with Baroque styled churches and palaces as well as a bustling bar and restaurant scene.

Sicily was once colonized by the Greeks, even pre­dating Roman times and has the best Greek temples in the world. The temples scattered on the island are in better condition than those in Greece itself! Agrigento and the valley of temples has two complete temples and numerous ruins spread around the area, making it the perfect place to explore and stare in awe at the ancient architecture. Also check out Segesta, which is close to Palermo to see the amazing Doric temple which has arguably the best backdrop and scenery perched on the hilltop.

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