Tips to Take the Best Travel Videos and Images With Your GoPro

There are many ways to take perfect travels videos and capture your favourite holiday memories with your GoPro. Especially when you are on the trip of a lifetime, be it travelling, on honeymoon or a special family vacation – The last thing you want to have is low quality images, to show friends and family on your return (and for decades to come!). Here we are looking into the best practices to get the most out of your GoPro, helping you to capture those priceless moments in the best possible way.
Tips to Take the Best Travel Videos and Images with Your GoPro

Tips to Take the Best Travel Videos and Images With Your GoPro

Tips for Mounting your GoPro

GoPro Camera Mounts help to make your camera secure, limiting sudden movements that might otherwise ruin the perfect shot.

There is an array of different types of mounts available for your GoPro, perfect to help improve your results. And depending on what you are filming, you will require a different type of mount or mounting position to obtain maximum effect.

For Example: For all action POV shooting, then a good idea would be to mount your GoPro close to your body, to ensure you do not drop or break your GoPro. And if you really want to produce professional looking video, then getting a GoPro gimbal is a must.

These handheld devices are ideal to help improve your GoPro photos and work to stabilise your action camera on 2 or 3 Axis. While they can be expensive, nothing comes close when it comes to creating stable videos – Helping you to capture those magical moments perfectly.

Adding a GoPro Filter

Adding a filter can improve your GoPro videos massively. And there are many factors to keep in mind when you are looking to add a filter to your video.

These range from the time of day you are filming, when you may need to take lighting into consideration. And to your filming location, whether you are filming indoors, outdoors or even underwater! Selecting the wrong filter can make your video look as though it was shot in the 1970’s, so be sure to choose the best filter for your current situation.

Camera Angles

The camera angle is one of the most important factors when taking images.

Camera angle is key to the quality of your GoPro photos and can take your images from average to world class – So taking this into consideration when shooting, is really that important!

If you can master the art of choosing the right camera angles, then you’ll be well on your way to beautiful photography,  as well as creating amazing memories that you can treasure forever. Which of course, you can then also share with family and friends or add to your own blog or social media pages, sharing your favourite images with the world!

Get up Close and Personal

The wide angle of the GoPro cameras, means that the further away from the subject that you are looking to film, the smaller the focus area will look.

So whether you are filming your friends and family, pets or wildlifes, famous landmarks or landscapes – It is always better to get as close as possible to the subject you are intending to capture.

Edit your Videos

There are many great free applications you can turn to, if you are looking to improve and edit any footage that may need adjusting slightly.

Maybe your footage has some over exposure or is too bright due to a low sun, then you can use a variety of GoPro apps to edit your videos, helping to improve your images.

If you have taken notice of our tips, then you shouldn’t need to edit your pics that often. However, as we all know – It can only take one little thing can ruin your whole video and when or if  this does happen, then photo or image editing is a great option to save or improve your footage.

Overall, if you practice at different times of the day using various camera angles and play around with the GoPro settings before you go on your holiday, or special event – Then you’ll be more prepared to work out what angels, lighting or settings work best to capture different styles of shots.

We would also advise you to keep one eye on your battery life, as there is nothing more frustrating than seeing the wonderful shooting opportunity… Only to find you have run out of battery juice! So always make sure your battery is fully charged before venturing out.

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