Unique Things You Can Only Do In London


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Ah, London! It’s a city that we all know and love so well. It’s such a great destination for a staycation as there is simply tonnes to do! From spending hours in the Victoria and Albert Museum to taking a relaxing stroll through Richmond Park, you certainly won’t be stuck for ideas of what to do!

However, there is one main disadvantage of being in London: all the tourists! Ok, so you may be one yourself, but there is no getting away from just how annoying it is to bump into large tourists groups all the time. This is the reason why many people are now looking for totally unique things to do in the city, away from all the hustle and bustle of the tourist hot spots. Want to escape the crowds? Then why not try one of these unique ideas.


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Try On Some High Fashion

London is known for being one of the style and fashion capitals of the world. So why not head to one of the many boutiques that are dotted around the city and try one some chic items of clothing. Don’t worry if you can’t afford them, though; there is nothing wrong with just having a browse! You will feel very glam indeed, and enjoying a spot of retail therapy is sure to give your confidence a little boost!

Take A Tour With A Difference

Lots of visitors take tours when they are in London. The most popular ones are the sightseeing buses that tourists can hop on and off. However, there are whole lot more tours that can help you discover a completely different side of London that you never knew before! For instance, going on a Jack the Ripper Tour will take you on a journey back in time so you can discover all about this grisly murderer’s history and story! There are also some tours led by guides who were formerly homeless. They take you to places that the main tours never do, and tell you stories from life on the streets.


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See London In Miniature

Did you know that you can see the whole of London in just a few minutes if you want? No, you don’t need to rush around in a taxi! You can simply see the whole city in miniature at the offices of New London Architecture on Goodge Street. The company has carefully crafted a scale model of the city, and it is free for all visitors to see.

Visit Speedy’s Cafe

Are you currently enjoying the latest series of Sherlock on the BBC? Well, if you are, why not head to Speedy’s Cafe, the cafe which the famous detective lives above in the TV series. Unfortunately, the cafe isn’t on Baker Street – the road the sleuth lives on – as the TV show is filmed elsewhere, quite close to Euston Square. The cafe opens as regular, and you will be able to enjoy a large full English and strong cup of tea while you are there!

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