Wedding Planning: The One Week Countdown

Today marks the one week countdown to our actual wedding day! I can’t believe it! A year ago everyone told me how fast the time would go, and whilst I knew it would, I didn’t realise quite how fast it would go. It has positively flown by and now there is only a week to go.

The One Week Wedding Countdown

I have been a great big stresshead as there has just been so much still to do, and bridesmaid dress issues have made everything so much more stressful. It’s been weighing on me big time. And even though I have actually wanted to go to bed early for once, I just haven’t been able to, nor have I been able to relax and just watch television in the evenings.

Because of all that stress I haven’t really been getting excited about the day yet. I’m too nervous and panicky. But there have been fleeting moments of excitement – seeing our photos from our pre-wedding photoshoot with Rachael Connerton made me really emotional and reminded me of what it is all about. We had Ava join us for some of the photos and so we have got some really lovely, happy family photos and it really makes you remember what it is all about. All this hard work, stress, tiredness all for that one day that will be over so quickly – but then we’ll be married; we’ll all have the same name for the first time, and we’ll be husband and wife. In one week I will be marrying the man that I love; after all of these years together and everything we’ve been through, we are finally going to be married!

So there was the photoshoot, and then the other day I was talking to my postman about the fact that I was getting married in just over a week and he was asking where and so he said he will try and get that postal delivery that day so that he could see us outside the church (although I’ve since remembered it’s a Sunday, so he can’t – sorry posty). I came inside and suddenly felt all excited – I’m getting married really soon! The rest doesn’t matter; all the bits that go into it aren’t a big deal. People are happy for us and it’s all so exciting! Two of my other delivery men have also said that they are going to crash our wedding actually so maybe I should make a table just for them all!

Anyway, most thing are done I think; we have to put sweets into jars and make some pom-poms and I have to be plucked, waxed, tanned, painted and have my stresses massaged away this week; but the major things are sorted and the countdown is on!

Did anyone else remain stressed until the big day? Did all your worries melt away as soon as you stepped into your dress? I’d love to hear.

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