Since we got back from Portugal and my sister’s wedding it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. We’d been back less than two weeks when we all got a sickness bug which was horrendous and bloody horrible seeing Ava so poorly. I still hadn’t caught up with the clothes washing from our holiday due to a dodgy washing machine that’s stuck on one setting and with no spin, hence everything takes ages to dry. Add to that lots of extra washing from a nasty bug and a toddler and I can’t keep up! Then I got another sickness bug or food poisoning or something, and I was up all night. Luckily this one only lasted about 12 hours, but jeez Louise two sickness type things in less than two weeks! And now we’ve all got bad colds and my child has turned into a monster! I have never known her to be this mardy or naughty; I am scared the terrible two’s have come early and there’s no going back! But I’m hoping that it’s just because she’s feeling rubbish and tired. It’s funny, I’ve always thought (naively I’m sure) that I could handle the ‘terrible two’s’ and that they wouldn’t be that bad because of course my daughter is lovely; but this week I’ve caught a glimpse of what they could be like and I’m feeling scared and may never go out in public again!

It feels like there’s one thing after another at the moment; since being poorly the last time and now having a cold Ava is sleeping really badly again, we’re totally exhausted, I can’t catch up let alone keep up with the housework. I’m pretty sick of feeling so run down all the time, especially when I try my best to be healthy and exercise. We’re both just really desperate for a break like never before. It has been really dull and pouring with rain here for about a week as well which I’m sure doesn’t help our moods.

Sorry for the whinging rant, but it’s my blog and I’ll whinge if I want to ;) Feel free to whinge in the comments, lets be grumpy together :)

And then we can pull ourselves together and be happy again!

Love a tired, grumpy, poorly, whingey Louise xxx


Here are a few photo’s from Portugal and my sister’s wedding (which I will be writing about in another post):








    • 12th November 2013 / 5:09 pm

      Thanks so much Katie! Great to find yours too :)

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