Who, What, Where

What I’m reading… About to start 50 Shades of Grey again on my kindle for iPhone (I’ve heard it’s badly written and I think that will bother me, but I want to give it a try. I read about 50 pages last time and got a bit bored, but I’ll give it another go, just for you, ok?).

What I’m wearing… Plain black dress (H&M), brown skinny belt (H&M), my black well-worn Havaianas.

What I’m loving… My baby girl’s giggles (getting more and more regular and not reserved just for Daddy now), sunshine in September, throw-on dresses (see above), cute piggy baby faces, Instagram.


What I’m eating… Too much chocolate, lots of cheese, bananas and natural yoghurt with Ava.

Who I’m loving… The boy – things can get a bit overwhelming sometimes in life, especially with a baby, but we’re trying to chill out a bit and we’re having much more fun together.

Where I’m going… For walks in the sunshine.

What I’m grateful for… My gorgeous family and for lots of time together.

What I’m missing… The excitement for the summer ahead, the newborn days.

What I’m excited about… Cooler weather, woolly jumpers, Christmas! (yes, already), a few days away and Ava’s first sea and sand (weather permitting).

What I’m spending too much time doing… Thinking about food, on Instagram.

What I’m not doing enough of… Exercising, drinking water, cooking for my family.


Share some of your Who, What, Where below!

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