10 Things I’ve Learnt in My 32nd Year

Well! I turn 33 this month, and I’m pretty excited about another birthday. Despite the fact that everyone I know usually picks that weekend to go away, I’ll hopefully still get to do something nice and celebrate turning another year older with my family.

I feel like this hasn’t been the easiest year of my life so far, but hey we can learn and grow from our experiences can’t we, and hopefully not make the same mistakes again, or have to go through the same crap.

These are not the most lighthearted group of things I’ve ever learnt to be honest, but that’s life!

Here are 10 things I’ve learnt in my 33rd year

  1. People won’t change for you – yes, people can and do change, but they won’t do it for you, they have to (and only will) change for themselves.
  2. The physical aspects of losing a baby can be almost as hard as the emotional, and they add to the emotional too.
  3. My daughter will make an amazing big sister one day, and watching her be one will be one of the best things I ever get to do.
  4. You can feel really fucking alone, even when you’re not alone.
  5. True friends will always make themselves known at your hardest times, and be there on your terms, not their own. Even if you don’t get chance to speak much anymore, the special ones will still be there, and have your back.
  6. Exercising needs to be a regular part of my life for me to be happy.
  7. People can always surprise you. And that’s a good thing.
  8. In the darkest of times, people (the good people) really do pull together. I’ve been in tears many times recently seeing how this country has pulled together after the Manchester and London attacks and then Grenfell too. It’s amazing seeing so much good after the extreme bad and having your faith restored in humanity. Good will always triumph over evil ♥
  9. Having an organised home is very important to me. I’m so sick of there being so much ‘stuff’ everywhere in my house; it overwhelms and stresses me and I’ve had enough of it. A lot has already gone but there is lots more to go.
  10. White board marker pens do NOT come out of school uniform, and for some reason they use those damn things a lot.

Here’s to my 33rd year!


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