10 Ways To Utilise Space In Every Room

We’d all love to live in a mansion, but that possibility is reserved for a lucky few. For the rest of us, making the most of every available space is the only solution. Otherwise, the home can feel cramped and unaccommodating.


There’s no one right answer for designing a home or a specific room, especially as we’re all working with unique spaces. Still, here are 10 of the top tricks I like to use wherever possible. I hope they can help you maximise the potential of your space too.

Choose Blinds

At one time, I used to think curtains were the only option. However, as I’ve grown older, the versatility of blinds has made them a far more attractive prospect. Not only can they be opened to various levels to control natural lighting. But they also avoid eating into the wall space. Some homeowners will still prefer the look of curtains, which is fine. In this case, though, opting for a slightly lighter version can make all the difference.   

Use Mirrors

Choosing blinds enables us to embrace natural light with far greater effect, but it’s not the only key tool. Mirrors can quite literally reflect the light to brighten up a room, making it appear bigger. Likewise, when pointed towards space, looking at them can trick the eyes. Visit http://www.pradglass.com/measuring-and-installation to see how you can make it work for your room. It’ll feel bigger and better in no time while those mirrors also provide subtle décor in the process.


Make It Light

The benefits of the above elements can be taken to an entirely different level when supported by light coloured walls. Again, it’s about reflecting light and generating a brighter vibe. Meanwhile, a wall mural depicting an image going out into the horizon can trick the eyes also. Complete this look by installing a dimmer switch to gain even greater control over lighting, and the room can be made to feel better than ever.   

Make The Walls Work Harder

Gaining nice looking walls is one thing, but using them in an effective manner is another altogether. Allow them to achieve more by using shelves and other storage features that won’t eat up the floor space. Mounting TV brackets to the wall has become another popular option in recent times, and can allow you to move the TV to multiple positions. Frankly, the fact that we no longer have bulky TVs means we no longer need bulky units. Embrace the walls in this way, and you will see a noticeable impact.

Work My Way Up

Using the walls isn’t all about shelving and brackets. There are many ways to leave more floor space, and choosing vertical features is top of the agenda. Visit http://www.onlyradiators.co.uk/radiators/vertical-radiators to see how you can stop key features taking up too much space. This will instantly change your rooms for the better, especially if the area is already limited. Choosing high storage facilities rather than wide ones should improve your interactions with the room.   

Choose Retractable Furniture

Furniture is important in almost every room imaginable, and those features provide the home with its function. Having said that, many of those items only offer limited usage. As such, you should try to find options that can be retracted. Extendable tables can be made smaller when not in use, creating more space for life. Find the best ones at http://www.oakfurnituresuperstore.co.uk/oak-dining-furniture/extending-oak-dining-tables.html?. On a similar note, sofa beds can create greater versatility in guest rooms and family leisure areas.

Opt For Subtle Décor

Every room should boast standout features. After all, those defining elements are what give a room personality and character. However, I find that the simple touch is often the best approach. Too much extravagance can be distracting, and those items will eat up the space. Even if you’re looking at houseplants, a bonsai tree may be better than the potted plants that sit on the floor. Essentially, you’re looking for a unique vibe that doesn’t stop the place from being a home. Find that balance, and you’ll be destined to achieve success.

Find Secret Storage

Storage is an important feature throughout the home, even if you do successfully fight against the urge to hoard. If you can keep things out of sight, it will enhance your feelings towards the home. Ottomans and other furniture that have storage spaces are a blessing. Unfortunately, I’m not lucky enough to have drawers built into my stairs, but I wish I did. However, safes built into the wall and similar resources are far more common. Even if it’s just hanging coats on the back of a door, every little helps. Look for ways to maximise your storage hunting, and you will not regret it.

Open Up

In many ways, the key to maximising the space isn’t about the physicality. In truth, influencing natural perceptions is far more important. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to combine two spaces into one. Installing a sliding door that leads out to the balcony or garden can make a living space feel 10 times bigger. Meanwhile, I have been known to knock down internal walls to go open plan during my time. You might not be adding physical dimensions to the property. Still, if it makes the home feel bigger, you’ll be onto a winner. With this in mind, if you have a conservatory, a transparent ceiling can work wonders.


 Keep It Clean

A clean home is a happy home, but it’s also a bigger looking one too. Whether it’s dust and dirt or piled up paperwork doesn’t matter, messy rooms just tend to feel more restrictive. Therefore, having a regular decluttering session should be on the agenda for long-term maintenance. After all, there’s very little point in letting those items needlessly collect dust. In truth, the main motive for keeping the home clean should relate to your health. Ultimately, though, if the appearance of a bigger and better home can provide that incentive, you’d be a fool to ignore it.

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