3 Quintessentially French Experiences


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France is one of the most popular and distinctive locations in all of Europe. French art, style, and cuisine are world famous and iconic. When planning a visit to France, it can be difficult to settle on specific location or activity because of the wealth of choice. Each region of France is entirely distinctive and varied. Some areas are famous for food, others for friendliness, others for history. Depending on your own priorities and emphases, there is something to suit every visitor. France is famously diverse. When visiting France, It is likely that we want to make the most of our time by doing or experiencing something quintessentially French. Wherever we choose to go in the nation, there are a few activities or features that are not to be missed. The suggestions below are intended to provide you with a starting point for your own adventure. Appreciating the rich and wonderful culture that is modern day France can be a lifetime’s work!

1) Patisserie

French pastry chefs, bakers, and chocolatiers are regarded as some of the finest in the world. Crusty baguettes, fresh croissants, and elegant macaroons all originated here. On our trip, whenever we are peckish, we will be spoiled for choice. Enjoy your sweet treat with coffee for a particularly French experience! The cafe culture of France is iconic all over the world. There are few pleasures greater than sipping coffee on the cobbled streets. People watching or sketching the architecture are perfect pastimes. The French undoubtedly have a sweet tooth and the quality of their bakeries reflects it. Cakes and pastries make the most perfect treats to enjoy while picnicking in the park or wandering one of the many galleries.

2) Vineyards

Wine is rightly one of the greatest sources of French pride. A visit to the nation would not be complete without having sampled some of the finer choices. Many companies offer tours around some of the most famous cellars and vineyards. They are often given in several languages, and your knowledgeable guide is sure to ignite your passion and interest. It is a wonderful activity for a group or couple. The tasting is undoubtedly one of the best parts of the visit. But the sights and smells of the vineyard and wine cellar will become memories that last a lifetime. They are an historic and essential part of the French experience.

3) Markets

The delights of French markets are world famous. They attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year from every part of the globe. Fresh flowers, local cuisine, and unusual garments make French markets the perfect place for a souvenir. There is perhaps no better place than the market to fully immerse yourself in French culture. The hustle and bustle of the daily shoppers and French conversation is enough to make anyone feel like a native. Be sure to have a phrasebook handy. If you have time to pick up a few sentences, then asking price and expressing gratitude will serve you well. A good sense of humour will also go a long way!

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