4 Ideas for a Weekend with the Kids

Has your little one got a good grade from school, or have they been helpful when moving to a new house, or brave when they were sick? Are they just overdue a treat? It’s always worth taking the time to spoil your children, so here’s some ideas to make their time with you special.

Photo by Chinda Sam on Unsplash

Movie Marathon

Are you struggling to find quality time with your children that they enjoy? It might be because your instinct is to treat them on your terms to ensure they behave, but it might be worth thinking about what they would enjoy.

Most parents don’t have the stamina to watch more than one of their children’s favourite films in one sitting, and if they do it’s often easier to leave them to it and to do something useful yourself while only half-watching. If you want them to have a special time, you could organise a marathon of children’s films for you both to watch. Concentrating on the narratives will give you a surprising amount of common ground to base a conversation on, and you’ll also be surprised by how insightful children can be when their interests are engaged.


If you’re strict with your quality time, and anything involving a TV doesn’t count for you, then why not have a picnic or BBQ just for the family. None of your friends or their friends are invited – it’s time to listen to music, play and eat good food together. A BBQ can be as basic or extravagant as you like, depending on how much time and resources you have to prepare it.

A Special Day Out

Once in a lifetime days out are important to all of us, and they can become some of our most valuable childhood memories. You can use Ticket Sales to see which event will most impress your children. You can find Disney shows, magic shows, wrestling and other sporting events, and so much more – but choosing the right one for your child’s personality is important. Try asking them about their interests, and even making some notes, before you search for the right event.

A New Member of the Family

Have your children ever asked for a puppy or a kitten, only to be answered that they’re not prepared to look after it? A new pet can be a great way to surprise your children, and the whole weekend can be made special if you devote the right amount of time to preparing the space the pet will live in, and searching for the animal.

Be careful when choosing the pet you’ll be keeping for the next few years – it can be difficult to balance the need to be impressive with the need to be practical. Remember, if you buy a snake you’ll have to keep mice in your fridge, and the tropical tank some fish require can be an expensive addition to the bills. However, buying a pet, making the preparations for it, learning to train it, and naming it can all contribute to a wonderful family weekend you’ll never forget.

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