5 Engaging Outdoor Activities for Parents and Children During Winter

Although we’re currently experiencing the less than delightful cold weather of winter, that’s no excuse to stay inside and hibernate. There are a wide range of activities — from kids paintball to hiking — that both you and your children can make the most of.

Christmas is upon us and the chaos of the festive season has already begun. Despite the drop in temperature and bouts of unpredictable British weather, winter is a wonderful chance to spend quality time with your children and embrace the great outdoors. This is especially important these days, as fewer children are spending time outside, so any day out of the house is a step in the right direction.

In this post, we’ll highlight a few engaging outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by both you and your children.

  1. Coastal Walk/Hiking

Living in the UK, we’re lucky enough to have no shortage of scenic countryside, coastal towns and charming villages. This means that no matter where you live, there will be a location worthy of a winter stroll. Whether you’re marvelling at your local countryside (even better if it’s been snowing) or watching the waves the crash as you venture along a coastal path, winter has plenty to offer.

If you and your kids feel like kicking things up a notch from a leisurely jaunt to a hike, Britain has some amazing hiking locations that are well worth the time and effort. The increased intensity of a hike is a more engaging activity and also allows you to burn off the additional intake of calories over Christmas.

  1. Outdoor Ice Skating

There are many activities and events running throughout winter to coincide with Christmas, one of which being the annual appearance of outdoor ice skating rinks all over the UK. Although we’re able to ice skate at any time of year indoors, there’s something special about experiencing it in the open air. Plus, these rinks are always beautifully decorated to provide the ultimate festive experience.

You don’t have to be as graceful as Torvill and Dean to enjoy ice skating, and although you may come home with a bump and bruise or two, there’s no doubt that you will have had a brilliant time on the ice. If you live near London or are planning to visit over the festive season, it’s worth checking out the assortment of ice skating rinks that are based in and around some of the city’s most beautiful locations.

  1. Winter Picnic

Though many of us prefer to batten down the hatches and wrap up warm during winter, there’s a lot to be said for experiencing all that the chillier season has to offer. A picnic is an activity most would attribute with spring or summer, but doing so during winter definitely has its benefits.

This gives you an opportunity to enjoy some of your favourite picnic spots and rural locations at a different time of year. While the hotter months do possess a blue-skyed charm, there’s something endearing about the chill of winter and how the season completely changes the aesthetic of your surroundings. If you plan to venture outside for a winter picnic this Christmas, make sure you pack plenty of clothing, blankets and hot drinks to keep you warm.

  1. Junior Paintball

Now for something a bit more unique — and definitely not your average winter activity. Kids paintball is a fun, exciting, adrenaline-fuelled activity that will undoubtedly make this Christmas one to remember. Junior paintball provides your kids with an engaging alternative to conventional activities, which happens to be a brilliant form of exercise that promotes teamwork.

Thanks to the use of low-powered weapons, it makes paintball perfectly safe for children (aged 8+), which means both you and your kids can take part together without the worry of injury. With such a large battlefield environment to explore, it means that quite a few players can take part in paintballing, so it’s the perfect time to rally some friends and family for an epic day out.

  1. Snow Days

This suggestion will, of course, depend whether or not you’re lucky enough to get some snow this winter. Snow days not only provide a certain sense of Christmas magic that many children don’t get to experience, but it also gives you a great reason to get outdoors and have fun.

Snowball fights, sledding down hills and building a snowman are all activities that you can embrace by simply stepping out of your front door. The only preparation needed will be to find something suitable to use as a sled (bodyboards are a good choice) and collect the necessary items for a snowman.

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