5 Moments You Really Wish You Could Have Photographed

Life is full of moments. Some are easily forgotten, and others are best forgotten! But there are a few occasions when you wish you could have a keepsake to help you remember that special feeling. Selfies are great, but sometimes you need a fantastic photo that documents the moment really well. Professional photography isn’t available at a moment’s notice, so don’t forget to book!

The Prom

Prom for any teenager is a huge event. Weeks of thought are put into what you will wear, how you’ll style your hair, and even how much makeup your parents will let you get away with. Then there’s the car, the corsage, and who to dance with. Most schools arrange for a professional photographer to attend. You and your date and friends often have a short slot of time to pose for a picture or two. For some teens, this photo defines those crucial years of high school that helped them become who they are as adults.

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The prom photo also captures a moment in time when you’re about to lead a more adult, responsible, and independent life. You might never see some of the people in that photo ever again, while others may still be your friend for life. While you might not think it at the time, your kids will love seeing this photo when it’s their turn to leave high school.

The Graduation

If you make it all the way through college, then you definitely don’t want to forget the moment you graduate. This is another defining moment. What you have achieved in the last few years will stand you in good stead for your future career. You might have met your future spouse, and you might have had your wildest parties. Most importantly, you put in the hard years of work to achieve your most important qualification to date. No wonder you want that recorded on film!

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Every college sets up a big graduation ceremony. A photographer will sit you and pose you in front of a backdrop in your cap and gown for a portrait photo. As you ascend to the stage to collect your degree, the photographer will again capture that moment. You can then purchase the photos if you’re happy with the proof. Most people buy several copies. That way mom and dad get one as well as the grandparents. Yours will probably take pride of place on your apartment wall for years to come.

The Wedding

More and more wedding photos might be appearing on Facebook and Instagram these days. But few couples would want to go without a professional photographer to capture the moments that count. Some of those shots might be carefully staged and posed to show off the bride’s dress and the rings. Others might be completely natural, and the guests might not even have realized their picture was being taken.

If you’re looking for a particular style of photography for your big day, it’s worth checking out photographers like Vittore Buzzi to see what you might be able to achieve. Picking a photographer that is very familiar with your venue could be hugely advantageous for capturing the best images. It’s also worth having a list of photographs you would like to have, noting the people that should be in them.

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Speak to your photographer if you’re looking for arty shots. You might want a close up of the dress detail or the bride’s hair. Images of the two of you together are very important, but what will you choose for your backdrop? These photos are customized for you. You get to pick what you want, and you’re the one choosing all the costume, setting, and stars for each shot!

Your Baby

Over the years, you might decide to start a family. While many couples choose to document those special moments of the pregnancy, the most important one you’ll want framed is the one of your newborn. Studio photography is ideal for baby photos. Many photographers will give you a wide variety of photo ideas to choose from.

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You might want one of your bubba fast asleep with his favorite stuffed animal. Perhaps you would like one that captures that incredibly cute smile when he looks at you? Baby feet and hands are amazingly beautiful and make great photos to frame on your living room wall. Your child will never be this age again, so capturing these moments is so important.

As your family grows, you might be keen to have a studio session to capture some sibling moments. Getting two young children to behave impeccably isn’t always easy, so pick a photographer that has a lot of experience working with kids. As with your wedding shots, it’s worth checking out the photographer’s portfolio and talking about the shots that you like the most.

The Complete Family

As your kids grow up and have kids of their own, your family becomes complete. Around this time, you might want to consider having a complete family photo taken. This can often be arranged in a local photographic studio. Alternatively, why not hire a photographer to come to a big event like your birthday and stage a photo of all the family there?

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How would you arrange your family in the photo? The family tree is often a good idea. The seniors (you and your spouse, or maybe even your parents) will be at the back in the highest position. Then each generation sits in a line beneath their elders. It’s a really clear way of presenting the group that makes it easy to identify people in years to come.

Another way to arrange the group is by having the eldest surrounded by the youngest. This can be quite an endearing way to present the family. It can also honor the best memories of the family you might have in the future.

Are there any photographs in your home that mean the world to you? Did you have them taken professionally? Photos may not be as touching as the real memory, but they can certainly serve to help you remember those wonderful life moments more vividly.

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