5 Reasons I Would Love to Move to Australia

After I finished University, my boyfriend and I went travelling around the world for five months. We went to loads of different places, including Australia and New Zealand, both of which I loved. My step-brother moved to New Zealand over ten years ago and he absolutely loves living there. Seeing his pictures of his life with his lovely family and the quality of life they have over there makes me very jealous.


As I’ve mentioned before, I often think about moving abroad. I love sunny weather – I’m just so much happier (as I’ve also mentioned before once or twice!), and we have such rubbish weather in England in the summer months now, and it sucks. After travelling around both Australia¬†and New Zealand and loving the beauty and the climate in summer, I would love to move over there one day.

Despite the incredible natural beauty of New Zealand, I really love the bigger cities in Australia, and I think I’d struggle in NZ without big brands like Topshop ;) If it wasn’t for the massive distance between England and Australia, or if I could take all of my family and friends with me, then I’d probably be on my way right now.

Here are 5 reasons I would love to move to Australia:

The weather

It’s a pretty obvious one – but the main draw for me would obviously be the wonderful sunshine Australia has. I would really love to live by the beautiful beaches there that I could enjoy all year round, or live somewhere like Adelaide with all the green space – I loved Adelaide when I went, and felt very comfortable there. Melbourne would also be great, with great beaches as well as city life.

The housing

I have been looking at some of the lovely houses for sale in Adelaide and dreaming of what a life would be like there. I love the big open plan living style, and the lovely looking villa-type housing. You can get so much more for your money over there and a lovely big garden for what we would pay here (although the thought of snakes in the garden does terrify me slightly!).

The beaches

Australia has so many absolutely incredible beaches – big, long stretches of sand that you can enjoy all year round. We spent a few days in Port Macquarie and spent many hours on the gorgeous beach there. I always feel so free and alive at the beach and in the sea and I would absolutely love to live at the beach at some point in my life.

beaches australia

The lifestyle

Having better weather means lots of time spent outdoors, having barbeques in the garden, and having a much more active life. I would love that for my children and myself and I think it would really improve our quality of life.

The wine!

When we were travelling around the world we visited the Hunter Valley and the Barossa Valley, which were both absolutely amazing. They are such beautiful places, and it was brilliant going around to the vineyards and trying different wines. Obviously I love wine so it would be amazing living somewhere with so many wineries.

Have you ever been to Australia? Would you ever move abroad?

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