5 Things I Love About America

I have been lucky enough to visit America quite a few times in my life. The boy and I went travelling many years ago and we went to San Francisco, LA and New York, and before that I went on holidays to Florida with my family and the boy’s family.

5 Things I Love About America

I absolutely love America and really would like to live there one day. I love so much about it and I just feel comfortable there for some reason. I’d love to live in New York for six months or a year just for the experience, and then I’d love to settle somewhere near the beach and sunshine in California.

Here are five things I love about America:

1. The size of the country and how much the geography varies. I would love to explore so much of America, and I love that all in one country I could see desert, mountains, beautiful beaches, sprawling urban areas, and forests, as well as tiny old traditional towns. I would love to see these places and meet all of the different people living such different lives there.

AmericaReasons I love America

2. It’s so friendly. Everyone you speak to, anywhere you go people are so lovely and friendly to you ‘Have a nice day y’all’ is a common thing to hear. I know some people think it isn’t genuine but it really doesn’t feel that way to me. And even if it isn’t, I don’t care – I’d rather that than people being miserable and barely grunting at you all the time.

3. The gigantic fridge freezers (yes, really). Every time we have been to Florida we have stayed in a villa which have always been rather grand, spacious and very lovely (and air-conditioning – oh how I long to have air conditioning right now in this crazy heat). These villas have all of course had the typical supersize American fridge, with double doors and plenty of room to fit everything in, and an ice dispenser on the front ready for when you need to cool down after being out in the sun for too long.

I have always been envious of their fridges – you could fit so much food in, and wine, and beer and not have to fight to find something. I have always wanted one, and dream of the day I have a big enough house and kitchen to fit one in (I have big dreams too don’t worry). I would love something like one of these Panasonic American Fridge Freezers. I could probably even get in one of those myself if I took the shelves out, and right now that sounds very appealing (#sweatybetty).

New YorkYellowstone ParkSnowy America

4. The supermarkets. The huge Targets and Walmarts get me very excited. I could (and have done) spend hours in there. The way-cheaper-than-ours makeup and skincare, the endless choices of food – I love it. If I lived in America then maybe I wouldn’t like it quite so much, but on holidays there, I bloody love them. Of courrrrse I need four different mascara’s; they’re $3 each.

5. The weather. Obviously the weather massively varies over there as it’s so huge, and they still have seasons (I always feel like New York is quite similar to us), but California’s beautiful all year round sunshine and living that suntanned beach life hugely appeals to me (as I’m sure it does to most people!). In this country I do usually feel ready for winter by the time it rolls around; wearing snuggly jumpers and sitting in front of the fire; but that usually last all of two days and one shivery dash to the car from my front door, and I’m ready for summer again. The good thing about America is that if I wanted to ‘enjoy’ some freezing temperatures I could go and visit another part for a weeks holiday, and I’m sure I’d be ready for sun again by the end of it.

I could write a much longer list of things I love about the USA; the size of the pizzas in New York, the weather, the food, the fact that Harvey Specter lives there, Disney World; but we could be here all day. I really have a huge passion for this huge country and I absolutely cannot wait for the next time I get to go there. Does anybody else love America like I do?

This is a collaborative post.

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    • 11th July 2015 / 7:11 pm

      Oh wow, that’s exciting Jess! Whereabouts are you wanting to move to? Jealous! x

  1. 3rd July 2015 / 8:41 pm

    I do love living in America. It’s amazing how many different things you can see from beaches, desert, forests, cool landmarks and mountains. My husband is English and we live in Las Vegas, Nevada. He loves the blue skies and sunny weather compared to England. We’ve done two road trips and still haven’t seen all of this huge country. I would love to visit all 50 states .. I’ve only done half so far.

    We have a huge fridge and we fill the freezer up so much that sometimes I wish we had a small one in the garage. It’s always bigger here in the US! I love Disney World. Can’t wait to go back someday when my son is older. Hope you get to move out here sometime soon.

    • 11th July 2015 / 7:09 pm

      Thanks Jen. Yes I would love weather like that; it’s a bit miserable here a lot of the time! I think visiting half of the States is pretty good going :) x

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