5 Ways To Lower Your Energy Bills

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High energy bills can become a drain on your finances. Fortunately, there are many ways that we can all be saving money on our energy consumption. Here are just a few ways to lower costs.

Install a meter

Energy meters can help you to better get an idea of the energy you’re paying for as you use it. There are pre-paid meters that only give you as much gas and electricity as you’re willing to put into your meter. Alternatively, you could continue receiving regular posted bills but install a smart energy monitor so that when your bill arrives, it’s less of a surprise. Both methods can allow you to budget better as you’ll be able to use less gas and electricity if you feel like you’re spending too much.

Make use of provider incentives

Some energy providers will offer incentives that could save you money. These include special rates for new customers and loyalty schemes. Some companies such as https://lumoenergy.com.au/ also offer rewards for referring a friend. When shopping for energy providers look out for these incentives.

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Buy low energy machines

Certain appliances may consume less energy, cutting the cost of your bills. These are generally marked with an Energy Star logo (you can learn more about these products at www.energystar.gov). Consider appliances such as ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers, which are likely to use up the most gas/electricity. Some of these appliances may have to be turned onto a specific setting in order to consume less energy. You can also switch to low energy bulbs such as halogen bulbs and LED lights.

Unplug unused appliances

Leaving appliances plugged in and on standby mode could be using up unnecessary power. Common culprits include TVs, kettles, microwaves, computers, phone chargers and unused extension cables. Unplug these if you’re not using them or alternatively turn off the switch at the plug point. Make sure to also switch off lights when you’re not in the room and don’t leave ovens on too long when empty (most modern gas ovens only take five minutes to heat up – leave them any longer without putting food in and you’re wasting energy).


The biggest way that you can save money on your energy bills is by making eco-friendly home improvements. When it comes to using less gas, you can help to trap heat in your home longer by installing insulation. This may include loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, draft protectors on doors or double glazing on windows. Solar panels meanwhile can allow to run your electricity off-grid so that you never have to pay another electricity bill. Both insulation and solar panels cost a fair bit of money to install and you may only be able to opt for them if you’re a homeowner (in rental homes, you’ll have to ask your landlord first). However, in the long run you will make a return, making them a worthwhile investment if you plan to stay in the same property for years to come.

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