A Dream Honeymoon in Aruba

If you have seen my previous post about our honeymoon, then you will know that we are going away with our daughter for a month after our wedding for our ‘honeymoon’. Although we would love to go away for a week or two somewhere beautifully romantic together (well I would anyway!), realistically we wouldn’t want to leave Ava for that long and I’m not sure anybody would want to look after her for that long either!

Boat in ArubaBarefoot on Nikki Beach

But a girl can dream right?

When I imagined my honeymoon one day in the future I pictured white sandy beaches, romantic strolls hand in hand, amazing food and wine, cocktails hand delivered by a hot waiter whilst I lay on my sunbed, blissfully relaxed as the sun beats down on my tanned (slim, toned!) body. Just me?!

Somewhere like Aruba would be perfect for the honeymoon of (and in) my dreams. When I hear ‘Aruba’ I always think of ‘Friends’ when Rachel and Barry were going to go on their honeymoon to the island.

Bucuti Beach at NightBucuti Sunset Huts Aruba

Aruba is in the southern Caribbean and is located just below the hurricane belt, and unlike many other Caribbean islands Aruba has a dry climate which means you are unlikely to have a wash out on your honeymoon. I certainly would be very disappointed if it rained loads on my honeymoon; you’d have to stay in your room all the time and spend quality time with your new husband – how boring! ;)

On my dream honeymoon we would have lots of time to relax on the beach, soaking up the rays and splashing about together in the crystal clear waters. Aruba has lots of incredible beaches including the beautiful Eagle Beach, which was recently names one of the top ten beaches in the world by TripAdvisor.com. There would be a gentle breeze brushing our skin as we bask in the happiness of being newly married.

Our evenings would be spent enjoying wonderful food together, and drinking wine, preferably on a beach like in the photo below. I have always wanted to dine just the two of us on a beach somewhere under a canopy with a gentle breeze coming off the sea as waiters bring us dish after dish of fresh seafood and traditional Aruban food and the sun slowly sets.

Bucuti Romantic Beach Dining

As my new husband doesn’t like to lounge around for too long when we are away we would partake in some watersports; or maybe a romantic sail (unless I get sea-sick – then it may not be so romantic) before heading back to shore for a long, relaxing couples massage which I would love to try.

Another day we would visit Arikok National Park; the largest national park in the Caribbean, where we could see a variety of wildlife, cacti and dramatic rock formations. We would hold hands and enjoy some of Aruba’s most striking views, as the ocean crashes against the rugged coastline below us. I would take hundreds of photos of the beautiful sights and hopefully we could get a few friendly passers-by to capture a few photos of us newlyweds.

Flamingo's on beach in Aruba

Aruba is the perfect honeymoon destination, with the perfect weather, stunning beaches, places to visit and a wide variety of food. It was named one of the World’s Top Honeymoon Destinations by Brides magazine and I can understand why. If we were going on a honeymoon as a couple rather than with our daughter, I would seriously consider Aruba as a destination. It just looks incredible.

Have you ever thought of going to Aruba or have you been? I’d love to hear about it if you have, but please don’t make me too jealous!

This is a collaborative post.


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