A #Hibernot Winter Barbeque Event With Stratstone

On Sunday we took a little trip to Leicestershire for the afternoon for an event with Stratstone, to embrace everything the great British winter has to offer, with a winter barbeque, and some outdoor fun. We were told to just bring our hats, scarves and boots, so we wrapped up warm and made our way to Bawdon Lodge Farm, located in a National Forest in the heart of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire.

stratstone uk event

We were greeted by some lovely Alpacas and a lovely venue in the countryside. Most of the event was located inside a lovely big barn and it looked very cool and pretty. Lights and bunting were strung all around the tin roof, and there were bales of hay to sit on as well as tables and benches. It was such a lovely place to spend a winters afternoon with family, snuggled up warm, with heaters to keep out the chill, plenty of delicious food and drink, and really good live music that Ava loved dancing around to; keeping other guests entertained.

A dancing stratstone eventAlpacas at Bawdon Lodge Farmmummy and A at stratstoneA at a stratstone eventpulled pork wrap

At the venue there is a gin distillery, so I was lucky enough to be provided with really nice gin and tonics all afternoon and evening long, which were really lovely with some sliced Grapefruit in! There were also people wandering round with wine and soft drinks constantly.

The food was a particular highlight – The Rustic Crust was there – a mobile woodfired pizza company, that has the pizza oven built in to their Land Rover – it’s very cool. The couple who run it were so lovely, and chatted to us and Ava whilst our pizzas were cooking. Ava loved ordering her own pizza, and the guy was very impressed that Ava wanted the spicy sausage one! The pizzas use all fresh ingredients, and the sausages are even made by them. The cows (for the steak pizza which I had) are from the farm next to his house – which I told him was too much information – but it shows the quality of their ingredients.

The pizza’s were so nice and I majorly regretted just getting two between the three of us. Despite the fact that the sausage was VERY spicy and I could barely take it, Ava kept on eating as much as she could – pizza and sausages are her favourite two meals, so it was like a dream for her! We also enjoyed a pulled pork wrap, some chocolate torte with hazelnut sauce, and apple crumble! All of the food was so good and we felt very spoilt.

the rustic crust land rover pizza oventhe rustic crust mobile pizzarustic crust pizza

We had a peep into the gin distillery on site and spoke to the lady there about the gin making school they have there – it looked like it would be so much fun to do with friends and like being back in a Chemistry lesson again!

gin distillerysnuggle rug signat the stratstone eventAva on hay bales

Ava and I had a little sit in one of the snazzy Land Rover’s that were there – I loved sitting high up and pretending to drive, it felt so spacious and posh! And Ava loved checking all the gadgets out too! I’ll be trading in my Ford Focus soon, I must be due an upgrade….

Land Rover Discovery stratstone eventchecking out a land rover discoveryland rover discovery

Before we left to go home there was a fire eating/throwing display by a young couple which Ava really enjoyed. She had a much better view than me, up on Daddy’s shoulders, but from what I could see they were great! I loved that they kind of did some acrobatics in with it, it was very cool.

We had a really lovely afternoon out, and were extremely lucky with the weather – it was a nice, bright afternoon and only starting raining literally as we were leaving.

Thanks so much to Stratstone for inviting us.

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