A Kid’s Bedroom // Makeover Ideas

Before A was born we made a room in our house into a nursery, with a cot, change table and a wardrobe. We didn’t really end up using it though, as she was a very bad sleeper and stayed in our room so that it was easier, so it never really got completely finished.

So now that’s she’s a bit older and is a proper little girl now, I really want to create a lovely little place for her, that suits her, feels like her own, and is also practical with lots of storage for all of her many toys, so I can get them out of the lounge!

The walls in her room are a kind of taupey colour but it actually looks like really pale grey, which is nice. She does love pink though, so I think it will be nice to bring some pale pinks and girly patterns in there with the decorations; curtains, bed covers, and storage boxes. That way it can still be pretty, but without being completely pink and looking like a My Little Pony threw up.

Even though I have lots of ideas I am not always great at putting them together, so I have been looking online for kids bedroom ideas. I need help with how best to put her room together, and ideas for great storage solutions. It’s a decent sized room, but there are so many tooooys, so we need plenty of storage without spending lots of money!

Modern nursery/kids room by ELEMENTY—Pracownia Architektury Wnętrz

I love the grey and pink together with the black details, in this picture. It’s probably a bit grown up for Ava, so I’d make it more suitable for her with more pretty patterns and there would obviously be lots of toys!

Minimalist nursery/kids room by PlatFORM

I’m obviously not about to create this in A’s room, but I love the idea of a climbing wall and the ropes used to divide up the room – how fun would that be?! I would really like to paint a wall with chalkboard paint, but I think the mess might freak me out!

Modern nursery/kids room by ELEMENTY—Pracownia Architektury Wnętrz

I love this. It’s lovely and modern and I’d really like the ‘I love you to the moon and back’ print. I’ve always wanted a print that says that in Ava’s bedroom. I also really like the full height wardrobe that is big but blends in really nicely, providing loads of storage.

Box Bed with 8 Deep Storage Drawers : Beds & cribs by Nubie Kids

This bed would be great! It would provide so much storage, and everything could have it’s own place, which would make me pretty happy. Ahh, the dream of everything being organised for once. Ava needs this bed!

I can’t wait to get A’s bedroom more organised, and for it to feel like a proper bedroom instead of a disorganised mess! I’m looking forward to having some more patterns in there via some storage boxes and bedding, to bring all the colours together and make it a lovely place for my girl to be.

Do you like any of these kids bedroom ideas? Which is your favourite?

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