A Summer Festival Style Wishlist

I’m going to a couple of family festivals this year, and I can’t wait! Something that I’m very excited about is festival fashion! I really think we can get away with a lot more craziness in what we wear at festivals and I’m very excited to find some outfits for Ava and I!

I love how fun it all is and I love looking at pictures from all the different festivals – seeing the super cool people as well as all the glitter and sparkles.

So I thought I would make a little wishlist of some really fun and cool summer festival fashion that is around in the shops at the moment! I definitely think festivals give you a bit more opportunity to experiment with your style, but I won’t be going completely crazy because I’m most definitely not cool enough to pull it off!

Here are some ideas for cool festival fashion that I love.


The Festival Fashion Wish List

I love cool accessories and make-up for festivals; when else can you wear glitter on your face as an adult? I love these star sunglasses for a bit of fun in the sun, and this cool silver cap if you’d rather cover up your festival hair than try and style it. I also think a bum bag is a stylish (yes they’re back in!) and practical idea rather than carrying a bag over your shoulder all day.

This tulle skirt is so flipping cool. I have no idea when else I would wear it (maybe around the house when I’m having a dance party for one), but I think I would wear this to a festival. I’d dress it down a bit with a t-shirt and Converse, and lots of big jewellery.

I’ll definitely be taking my much-loved Converse to the festivals I’m going to and will probably live in them. These glittery ones from Love the Sales are bloody brilliant and perfect for a fun weekend in a field. I love them.

I love dresses that you can just chuck on with sandals or trainers and be done, and Topshop have loads of pretty ones in this summer, like this lovely floral one. Then, this being England we will of course need a raincoat of some kind, and I absolutely love this metallic Topshop one. I reeeeally want to get it.

For a comfy but still stylish outfit for a festival, I think a pair of slouchy denim shorts and a smock style blouse are great. I love this white blouse from Topshop, but Next have a really nice one that comes in a great bright red or a blue which would also be perfect.

I really (really, really) want these sliders – they have such a festival style to them and the slip-on style will be comfortable for walking around lots for a day or two.

Are you going to any festivals this year? Will you dress up a bit if you do? Which is your favourite piece?

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