A Wonderfully Cheesy Delivery Service from Les Nouveaux Fromagers {A Review}

I love cheese. Like seriously love it. So it was rather wonderful for me to be asked by Les Nouveax Fromagers if I would like to try their new to the UK cheese delivery service. They didn’t have to ask me twice.

Les Nouveau Fromagers UK

Les Nouveaux Fromagers have recently brought their successful monthly subscription box of cheese to the UK from France. Each box includes four unpasteurized cheeses from the French terrior – a mix of renowned products and their discoveries from local producers in France, and the theme of the box changes every month.

The freshness of the cheese is guaranteed as the cheeses come in a special refrigerated box containing eutectic gels, allowing the temperature to be maintained between 4°c and 8°c.

Cheese Delivery ServiceCheese from the french terroirRaw Milk Cheese

The business was created by 30 year old cheese lovers Arthur and Olivier whose mission is to help their subscribers discover quality cheeses whilst defending raw milk cheese. They are fighting against industrialisation, pasteurisation, standardisation, and homogenisation and hope to recreate the link between consumers and small producers.

I received the UK’s first months box which contained: Le Moelleux Du Revard, Cantal Entre Deux, Bleu De Chèvre and Pierre Robert. The tasting notes you receive in the pack have a picture of the cheese so you know which is which, and a description so you know what to expect. It also gives you the milk type, origin and either a tip about how to enjoy it best or a bit about the production, as well as a ‘good to know’ section, who made the cheese, and suggested wines to have with it. As I love cheese so much (did I mention that?!) I find it really interesting learning a bit about the cheeses and where they have come from. I would love to one day go to a cheesery (that’s what they’re called right?!) and see some cheese being made. And then eat it all. Actually I would like to live in the cheesery.

Cheese delivered to your doorLes Nouveaux Fromagers Cheese Review

I really liked all of the cheese; my favourite being Le Moelleux Du Revard which is a soft cheese with a very creamy texture and washed-rind with a strong flavour and a slight saltiness. I love creamy, fattening cheese like this. It reminded me of Tallegio which I also love – it’s probably a total cheese faux-pas to compare one cheese to a more well-known cheese but unfortunately I’m not a cheese master and so I’m allowed to say these things.

Just to commit more faux-pas; the Pierre Robert was also another of my favourites and reminded me of Brie but creamier and with more flavour. I did actually start making notes as I was tasting the cheese but they soon fell by the wayside as I piled more and more cheese onto my plate (Plate? Who am I kidding – it went straight in my mouth).

Honestly, cheese delivered to my door is like a dream come true for me. I get lots of delicious cheese to eat and I don’t have to go out? Sign me up!

Speaking of which, you can choose to have a one off delivery (why?!), or a three, six or twelve month subscription. Prices start at £29.90 per month including delivery, which is obviously not a small amount of money to pay, but I think if you have plenty of money and you love cheese then why not?! I particularly think that a one-off box would be brilliant as a gift for a cheese lover and I have already thought of a couple of people I would like to get one for. I know I would love to receive it, so I am sure my fellow cheese-lovers would too.

I think it’s a lovely concept and it seems like a great company with really nice people involved, and I hope the business succeeds in the UK.

 I was sent May’s cheese box to review but all thoughts, opinions and cheese obsessions are my own.

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  1. 12th July 2015 / 10:40 pm

    Great post. The cheese box looks delicious. I need to buy a cheese subscription box someday. I’ll have to add it to my Christmas Wish List and hope somebody buys it! I LOVE cheese so much, but we’re currently on a vegan diet.. so no cheese. BOO!

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