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On Birds and Lilies I sometimes write about products, tools or services that I love, as well as create sponsored work with brands. Often I will write about products that I love just because I want to share them with you, or rave about how much I love them. Sometimes I have been sent a product or been provided with a service to review that a brand would like to have featured on here. With all of my reviews I am completely honest about what I think and with my experiences of them. Whether I have been sent a product or paid for it myself, that will not make a difference to how I write about them. Being honest and trustworthy to my readers is really important to me, and I have been known to write a bad review. If I have found something to be rubbish then I will share that with you.

I don’t get paid to write good things about products – everything you read is my own, unbiased opinion. I wouldn’t ever take money to write a positive post about a product.

If I am paid to write a post (a ‘sponsored’ post) then it will be clearly disclosed as a collaborative or sponsored post. I do choose my sponsored work carefully and make sure that it fits with my personal brand. I work hard on sponsored posts and reviews to make them relevant and interesting. This blog is not only something that I enjoy, but it is also my job, and creating sponsored content and working with brands is necessary for me to be able to do that. Plus I really enjoy the challenge a sponsored post gives me – they encourage me to be more creative and develop my writing, rather than in more personal posts where I just write what is spilling out of my brain.

Running a website as a job is very labour-intensive – researching and creating content and editing photos for posts, sharing and promoting on social media, liaising and negotiating with brands via email, looking for more work opportunities, etc etc, takes up a lot of time and energy. I absolutely love it, but it is a lot of work – it is my full-time job. Therefore, some sponsored posts are necessary and I hope that they do not detract from your enjoyment of reading my blog (if you do enjoy it that is!).

Affiliate Links

I do use affiliate links in some of my posts. This means that If you click through one of my links within a post and make a purchase, then I will receive a very small percentage of revenue from that purchase. This doesn’t affect the way in which I write about products.

I hope you enjoy your time here at Birds and Lilies! If you have any suggestions for content that you would like to see then do let me know. And please sign up here so you don’t miss any posts.