Ava: 23 Months

23 Months Old

Loves: Woofy, stickers, helping Mummy ‘cook’, our cats (but they don’t really love her back), watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and The Incredibles (no taste), singing, jumping, her Galt Trampoline, her Mummy – she’s VERY clingy at the moment, running round naked, sitting on her potty but weeing elsewhere, her advent calendar, Granny and Grandad being home from their travels, playing catch with Daddy, baths, her TinyTalk Toddler group.

Dislikes: having her nappy changed, being told no, having the iPad taken off her, not being allowed Mummy’s phone, the hoover, her Daddy if he takes her from Mummy.

Favourite Foods: Bran Flakes, trees (Broccoli), sandwiches, yoghurts, rice, chocolate.

Favourite Toy: Woofy.

Favourite Book: Pig in Love and this lovely little collection of books that she carries around with her (Ava’s came in a pretty little bag) – Raymond Briggs’s Christmas Little Library.

Challenges this month: potty training, teaching her not to snatch, stopping her from chasing and grabbing and throwing things at the cats – teaching her that they are not dogs and they can’t catch a ball.


She is TWO next month!!! My little baby is almost two already. Life with this amazing little person gets better every day and this is such a wonderful (challenging!) age.


  1. Kim
    5th January 2014 / 7:09 pm

    Look who I found. You guys. I feel terrible that you guys have a child. And no, I am not envious as you would love to blame me for. So when are you guys going to start “selling” your child to all those special folks and group. At least let her be a child before you start your brainwashing and such. I hope she grows up happy and complete inside without having to whore herself out like her mom. Not everything is about looks. And no I am not envious of you either… Funny how everything is because I have problems…very confident of you.

    No, I just really feel bad for your child…because I know all your little secrets about what you have done….and you two have a bit of secrets don’t you two.

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