The Back to School Stationery Edit For Little Ones

My daughter starts school on Tuesday, and unfortunately I am one of those very disorganised mums that has left everything until the last minute. I am using the excuse of being inexperienced at all this and hoping that I will do better next time. This summer holiday has gone so fast!

I actually think I am way more excited than Ava to be buying stationery. I used to be so, so excited to choose a pencil case, and pick out new rubbers and pens and pencils at the beginning of the school year. I’m actually really jealous of my four year old right now. I have a feeling I may be buying two of some things!

I have so many things still to buy for Ava for school, and most of them involve traipsing round town with A whinging and refusing to walk far, so I was pleased to see that The Works do free click and collect for the next day. I used to love nipping into the The Works with my mum when I was little – it’s always been such good value and they have such a great range. Buying stationery online hopefully means that we don’t go too crazy, and it means I can just nip in and pick up our order in between getting her feet measured for shoes, and choosing a school bag.

The Works have loads of fun stationery for the kiddos, so I thought I would put together a little wishlist for me Ava. I don’t even really know what the school wants her to have at this age, but you can never have too many pens or notebooks can you?

Back to School Stationery Edit

The Back to School Stationery Edit for Little Ones


Ava loves practising her writing on a piece of paper stolen from my notepad, so it’s about time she had a small one of her own. She loves Shopkins, so I’m sure she’d love this lockable one that comes with a pen so she can hide it from Mummy! Such a bargain at £2. She loves cats too so I think she’d love this notepad.

This Paw Patrol stationery is a great little set (a bargain at £1.50) – Ava is a big fan of the show (I most certainly am not), so I think she’d really like this, along with some extra Paw Patrol rubbers because they’re fun. I used to collect interesting rubbers when I was young, because I’m cool like that.

I used to love these ten-colours-in-one pens (still do, let’s be honest) – I think they’re great fun if you like pens, and practical too! We went to see Finding Dory recently, and A has been talking about it ever since, so she would love these, along with the matching pencils.

A isn’t just into girly things, but she does love her Disney Princesses, so I know she’d like this pretty pencil tin to keep some of the bits she needs for school in.

The Works has such a great range of stationery and other bits for your kids for school, and has really great prices too. I love browsing in the store, but it’s so handy to be able to order online, especially if you leave everything to the last minute like me!

This is a collaborative post with The Works.

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