The Best Pocket Toys For Boys and Girls

I’m not sure what it is about little collectable toys, but Ava absolutely love them. She has so many different types that she carries around with her and roleplays with them and she’s loved them for years.

I like them because most of them are relatively cheap so they make a nice little treat for me to buy Ava, or an extra stocking filler type present. She really loves getting the ‘blind bag’ toys and guessing which one she might get and wondering if it’ll be one she already has.

She has had a few of the Num Noms blind packs and loves collecting them, and over the years she has collected far too many of these ‘Busy Books’ boxes with lots of little figurines in them and usually some kind of playmat. They’re only about a fiver and amazing at keeping her entertained for hours sometimes.

After Ava and her cousin saw me watching the video below, they spotted some of these Genie Girls collectables and persuaded me to buy them one each, and they haven’t stopped playing with them since. I didn’t expect them to find them quite so exciting, but they’ve been sprinkling magic on everyone with them ever since and flying them around the room! They’ve been worth the couple of pounds I paid for them already.

You can watch the Genie Girls ad here:

There are over 100 to collect and each Genie comes with secret colour change, which the girls think is great fun.

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