A Big Home For A Little Person

Before any parent knows it, the little people in their life aren’t so little. One moment, they’re bundles of flesh and bones, unable to make any real independent movements. Then, they’re active toddlers, putting their hands on everything they shouldn’t and utilising their new-found legs to the best of their ability. And then, there comes the time when they walk around, not making mischief, but doing what comes naturally. Around that time, your kid will start coming into their own. Instead of asking if they can have a snack, they’ll go to the kitchen and get one. Instead of needing your help, they’ll want to do things alone. After the terrible toddler stage, this independence can come as a relief. You’ll feel as though you’ve got your life back, and your blood pressure will return to normal. If you’re relishing the freedom, think about what you can do to help their independence journey. After all, they may be able to move alone, but they’re still little. As such, a few aids won’t hurt. Here are some things to consider.


Before you make your house easier to navigate, it’s important to keep all dangerous stuff out the way. You know the drill; alcohol and cleaning products are a no-go. Sharp objects, especially knives, should also be kept well out of reach. Baby locks may not be enough to dissuade your ever growing little one, so don’t rely on them for safety. Instead, padlock the necessary cupboards and keep the key hidden. If it’s in your house, your child may track it down. So, it might be best keeping it on your person, or out of the house somewhere. It may seem extreme, but it’s necessary!


Dangerous stuff out the way, you can start making independent life easier for your child. First, consider that their hands are nowhere near as strong as yours. As such, they may have trouble turning taps, or opening doors. It may be worth investing in some easy to use bathroom taps. Avoid options that need turning, and instead get easy to lift taps that anyone can use. With door handles, it may be better to settle for options you can turn, rather than those that push down. Of course, you could leave the old versions on rooms you’d rather they didn’t explore. But, the time will come when even difficult handles can’t stop them!

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Easy to use taps and such won’t do any good if your kid can’t reach them. For now, it might be worth investing in some step stools they can use to help them navigate. Keep one hidden in each room, and let your child use it as they wish. These will mean simple things, like going to the toilet, will be a lot easier for them. The chances of a nervous ‘mummy’ coming from the bathroom will be a lot less. You can rest easy, and they can embrace independence the way they should!

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