Big Shotz Health Drink Review


I recently tried a 12 day supply of Big Shotz Health drinks which they kindly supplied me with, and I really liked it. Big Shotz is a super-vitamin health drink containing 100% RDA of 11 of your daily vitamins, 6 essential minerals, pre-biotic fibre, beta-carotene and over 70% of the European recommended daily Omega 3. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! No, don’t, that would negate the benefits I’m sure.

The mangoes and passionfruit give it a lovely taste. It’s a small bottle that you keep in the fridge, so it’s very convenient. I loved that I was getting all of the vitamins and minerals I need each day in a tasty drink, rather than having to swallow a load of tablets. Plus, liquid forms are absorbed more quickly and efficiently by our bodies than those in tablet form.

I obviously wasn’t drinking it for long enough (I don’t think) to feel any difference in how I felt, but it definitely felt good to know I was getting all that goodness without having to try very hard, or remember to take a load of tablets. Another great benefit is that it contains Omega 3, apparently the highest levels in any drink of it’s kind. I’m really trying to take good care of myself and have better health at the moment, and this helped me to start my day off on the right track (after my morning cup of warm lemon) and reassured me that I was at least getting some goodness inside me on the days where I didn’t eat quite so healthily.


It is non-dairy, and free from gluten, lactose and caffeine, therefore is suitable for anyone with intolerances to those. It costs £29.99 for a 30 day supply if you join the Shotz Health Programme, and with that you get the first two months half price and free delivery. I like that you can cancel or take a holiday from the programme anytime you like, so it’s not a problem if you suddenly can’t afford it next month, or if you’re going away and won’t be able to take it with you. I think for about £1 a day these drinks are good value as we probably spend more on vitamins, and these drinks are more convenient and I would think we’d be getting more nutrients from them.

Big Shotz is available online at, at selected Waitrose and Ocado stores and at independent retailers.

I think Big Shotz Health drinks are a great idea for our busy lifestyles… you may not have time or remember to take all your vitamins every morning but you can grab a bottle as you run out the door, late as always… or is that just me?

Would I buy this with my own money? Yep, I really liked the taste and looked forward to drinking my little bottle of health everyday, as well as knowing I was getting all my nutrients.

Big Shotz provided me with 12 bottles of their drink to try, but all opinions are my own.

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