‘Bizzy the Butterfly and the Creepy Crawly Co-operating Caterpillar’ Audiobook Review

imageBizzy the Butterfly stories are a range of audiobooks and ‘bookeos’ for babies and toddlers that combine music and storytelling. ‘Bizzy the Butterfly and the Creepy Crawly Co-operating Caterpillar’ is the first title in the series and we were sent this one to listen to. This story is about friends coming together to help each other and achieve something.

It is a nice, simple story that children can learn from, and the music and singing is sweet. The music did make it seem a little disjointed to me at first, as the story keeps stopping for the music and it takes a while to get started, but Ava really liked it and started dancing to it straight away! The music possibly makes it more accessible for young children as a break from all the words. I also found myself tapping my foot and jigging to it. Yes, jigging. Yes, I am only 28.

It is a nice length for children to listen to, although I think Ava is possibly a bit young for it at the moment as she did lose interest after a while (obviously at 17 months she doesn’t understand the story yet, plus she is easily distracted). The music did actually help regain her interest somewhat though. Also, because we were listening to it on the iPad, I think she expected to see a video as that is what she is used to (again, she would understand better when she is older, or if I hid the iPad). It would be good to listen to in the car to keep her entertained. The first time I listened to it with Ava she smiled when it started and lay down to listen! This is not like her!

I like that it is a series of butterfly stories so that kids can follow along with Bizzy’s adventures. The narrator asks the listener questions during the story which is nice to get them involved and make them think.

The singing also grew on me after a couple of listens and I actually found it quite soothing. It could be good for Ava to listen to before bedtime as it is quite relaxing and calming to listen to. It is a nice story with a nice moral and at £1.50 for the mp3, and £3.00 for the CD I think it is a very affordable alternative to a book or to keep children entertained on car journeys.

You can buy Bizzy the Butterfly and the Creepy Crawly Co-operating Caterpillar Audiobook here.

Would I buy this with my own money? Yes, I think it’s worth the money to keep children entertained and a fun listen for them.

Disclosure: We were sent this audiobook to review, but all opinions are my own.

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