My Blogging Essentials

blogger essentials

As a blogger, there are a few things that I use constantly that I really couldn’t be without, and that make my blogging life a lot easier. I use most of them every day, and some of them are always with me if I go anywhere.

My Top Blogging Essentials


My Blogging Essentials

A Tripod

I often have to take photos of myself when there is no-one else at home, as well as family photos. It is so much easier having my camera on a tripod so that there is a stable surface to take a photo, and I’m not trying to fit us all into the photo by stretching my arm as far as it will go. You can get a decent one for less than £20 from Amazon.

A Compact Camera

I love my DSLR, but I don’t always want to carry the hefty bag around with me, nor do I always want to take the time to get it out, change lenses and use it properly. A compact camera that fits in your bag or pocket, such as the Panasonic Super Zoom Cameras are a must-have for bloggers to enable you to take great pictures at any time. I keep mine in my handbag most of the time so I can also take some great pictures for the blog if I’m out and find something brilliant to photograph.

A Spare Battery Pack

This is only something I thought about getting for the first time last year, but it’s brilliant for if you ever get caught out with an empty camera battery, or if you’re out for a full day and will be taking loads of photos. It’s such a small thing to keep in your bag, and completely worth it for less than a tenner from Amazon.

A Notebook

I always have numerous notebooks on the go, and when I’m working I always have one next to me – mostly full of lists (that I end up re-writing the next day after I haven’t managed to cross any of it off). I love having things online, but for some reason I much prefer to have hand-written lists down on paper, that I can cross off. Every time I have tried to use online lists I end up ignoring them. I have a new list of things to do every day, as well as lists of posts to write and many, many more!

A Diary or Blog Planner

I couldn’t be without my blog planner for making notes of dates posts need to be live, when events are, and other important deadlines. Mine is mostly always open next to me whilst I am working and I would forget a lot of things if I didn’t have it. I would like to get slightly more organised with it though, as I feel like I could do with having a small diary that I take out with me – but I tried that last year and I just had to write everything down twice and so it didn’t happen. I guess that’s the benefit of having everything online, but it just has never worked for me.

An iPhone

Obviously it doesn’t have to be an iPhone, if you’re silly then you could have an android phone or some other rubbish ;) But I couldn’t be without my phone when it comes to blogging (or when it comes to anything for that matter). I check emails and social media on it when I’m out, and at home whilst I’m doing other things, I post to social media to keep my pages updated. Sometimes I’ll reply to emails, and write a bit of a post if something springs to mind. I also use it to take photos most days, check stats, and chat to my blogging buddies, for support and a bit of human interaction whilst I’m at home alone all day!

A Laptop

I love having a laptop so that I can work wherever I want and be able to move around easily. Most nights I sit with my laptop on my knee and do a bit of work before relaxing, and I really want to start taking it out with me to a coffee shop and working there for a couple of hours to get myself out of the house for a bit some days. I am currently testing out an ASUS Zenbook, which is smaller than a regular laptop, but big enough to be able to work on properly, and I love its portability.


I love my DSLR camera so much. I love taking photos with it, and I love it when I’ve taken a photograph that I’m really proud of. The difference when going from a normal camera to a DSLR, even with it set to auto is amazing. You definitely don’t need a camera like this for blogging – there are so many brilliant more compact camera’s now, and some people even take really great blog photos with their phone, but I wouldn’t be without mine now. I love being able to change the lens based on what I’m capturing, and I love using it.

An External Hard Drive

I take so many photos that are important to me and I would hate to lose them all, so an external hard drive is a must to back them all up. It is something I need to get way better at doing though, and make it become part of my routine, as I really don’t do it often enough. I have two of these from Amazon.

Do you have any blogging must-haves?

This is a collaborative post.


  1. 23rd March 2016 / 5:44 pm

    I completely agree with all of these, I’ve found my tripod & spare camera battery invaluable! I love my DSLR, but am finding it tricky to take out with me, particularly as the weight is causing problems with my joint problems. I’ve asked for a CSC camera for my birthday & hoping for one of the Sony Alpha series so I can keep my DSLR for at home or outfit photos. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  2. 25th March 2016 / 7:38 pm

    What blogging platform is the best? I see so many that have affiliate links and all kinds of other tools to have people follow. Open for recommendations.

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