How To Breathe Life Into Your Decor By Lighting Your Home In A Different Style

Invigorating up your family home’s decor can a bit of a headache, as a complicated and fast lifestyle can limit your options. Time is the greatest enemy when it comes to refurbishment, as the last thing you need is tearing off the wallpaper while you’re a full-time mum who has enough errands to run during the day. Your husband works during the day also and getting help to redecorate the home is going to be tough. But you’ve got to do something; the pale stale home is probably driving you mad. Think outside the box, and you may find you don’t need to style the interior differently, just light the place up in a contemporary and dashing manner.

Luxury lamp light

As spring emerges new life, so should new lamp light enter one’s lounge. Green, orange and yellow bursting from a butterfly and leaf lamp revitalise any dark-cornered room. Handcrafted and enamelled with Swarovski crystals, butterflies glimmer distinctly sitting on the newly sprouted leaves. While standing 39 inches tall and 20 inches in diameter, on top sits a shade made from a mix of the versatile fibre rayon and lightweight polyester. Such detail and skilled design embellishes an empty space as well as creating a cosy reading area. Using a 100-watt bulb can help brighten a bedroom during the few remaining short days of winter; since it also features a dimmer switch it’s ideal for replacing a centre light of a room for the longer days of spring/summer.

Specialising in bejewelled elegant decor, the designer is Jay Strongwater, who has been featured on the front page of People Weekly magazine for his work.

Credit – Miserv

Make the most of what you’ve got

Study the layout of your living room and formulate a theme which would suit the edges and space available to you. You can revitalise your home just by sparkling down upon the furniture you have in a different style. As the living area is where you’ll do most of your socialising, entertaining and hangout out with the family, it affords you the most flexibility. Find out what kind of installation companies like can do around the structure of your home. Circular dome lights, which hang from a singular metal wire are great for a tall ceiling, but if you want something a little broad, small LED spotlights integrated into the ceiling can create a futuristic and majestic mood in a large room.

The stairs need brightening

Runway lighting would jazz-up the boring staircase and light up the hallway as a secondary bonus. However, if you’d like to avoid individual step lighting, you could employ discreet lighting which breaks up the top, middle and bottom. A line of lights can be controlled by a dimmer switch as modern LED bulbs are so bright, they still provide adequate lighting on a very low energy-consuming setting. You can, before installing choose lights which can change colour at the flick of a switch to always keep the mood of the home flowing with your own.

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