Current Life Goals

Whilst I’ve been away in Portugal and had time to think and get away from everything, I’ve decided I want to change a few things in my life as well as some bits about myself (bits that I am able to obviously!). I want to make changes to my life so that I am not constantly overwhelmed and letting everything get on top of me and allowing it to bring me down.

There are a few things that I keep thinking about that I want to learn or do that will hopefully improve my life and help me to feel a bit more organised and like I’ve got my shit together for once!

Learn how to french plait –

I’ve always wanted to be able to french plait, and I did kind of learn how to do a very crappy one years ago, but I’d love to be able to do it properly, mostly to be able to do one in Ava’s hair. It’s partly due to always being in a rush in the morning, but I always end up doing A’s hair really quickly – it doesn’t matter too much because it’s quite short at the moment, but she loves having her hair done differently, so I’d really like to take the time and effort to do it nicely for her sometimes. I want to be a mum who can do hair!

Learn to love gardening –

I think at the grand old age of (almost) 33 I would really like to get into gardening! My mum has always loved getting out into the garden with her green fingers, and my Granny was the same before her. I remember them wandering round their gardens discussing the plants and spending lots of time working on them. They loved it. It’s never appealed to me in the slightest unfortunately, but I’m wondering if I could be persuaded to fall for it in any way.

I do like the idea of it to perhaps help me to unwind a little bit and spend more time outdoors being at one with nature and shit. I feel like I’ve been a tightly wound ball of string for a little while now and I think it’s time I  attempt to unravel.

My garden has become a bit (lot) of a shithole over the winter again so it would be pretty nifty to be able to tend to it myself, and create a garden I’m at least a tiny bit proud of, and that I have the desire to maintain myself. I want pretty pots on the patio, and an area we can have lots of barbeques over the summer, rather than being knee-deep in grass and pots full of weeds (albeit pretty ones).

I’m going to ask my sweet, kind, lovely, beautiful, helpful, generous mother if she’ll come over one weekend soon and teach me a few basics and take a trip to the garden centre with me to help me choose some hardy little buggers that I won’t have killed in a week. In fact I think I just did (*waves to mother*). I feel like I could plant a plant right now, but I’d probably be doing it wrong.

I’m actually weirdly looking forward to it and can’t wait to get stuck in. At the same time I am wondering how long that will last once I start!

Finally get my house organised –

I feel like I’m constantly battling against piles of ‘stuff’ that constantly need organising, particularly clothes. I desperately want to get on top of it and feel calmer in my surroundings. I’ve cleared out loads of the house over the past few months and it’s felt good to get rid of so many bits we don’t need, but there’s still too much stuff taking over and it makes me tense. I don’t want so much *stuff*.

Do you have anything you’d like to learn or to change in your life right now??


  1. 17th June 2017 / 7:46 am

    Totally with you on the stuff – I’ve got far too much and getting rid of it really helps in managing life and being less stressed…

  2. 17th June 2017 / 11:14 am

    Love these ideas- I finally learnt how to do a French plait by watching a YouTube video. Good luck!

  3. Donna
    17th June 2017 / 2:31 pm

    So good having personal goals. Even small ones like plaiting hair! I’m currently reading Marie KONDO book which I’m surprisingly loving! Great for declittering and loving the theory behind it x

  4. 17th June 2017 / 3:34 pm

    This literally could be me writing this! haha! specially the gardening bit. I keep my gardening weeded, but whereas my mum is blest with green fingers, only the hardiest of plants survive more than one or two years in my garden. I’d love a private tutorial around my own garden!

  5. 17th June 2017 / 7:00 pm

    In order to declutter my house I’ve been working for months now one drawer and closet at a time… and if there is something I feel I really need to keep, I move it to my back bedroom… which is now a storage facility! However, the rest of the house is looking pretty sweet and tidy, and I can close the door to that bedroom and pretend it’s not there! Maybe next year I’ll start organizing that room. Maybe.

  6. 18th June 2017 / 12:07 pm

    I’ve found a love for gardening this year, once you get the bug you get it real bad! I would definitely try growing something from seeds – maybe some herbs to begin with – as watching them grow from scratch is really exciting! Sorting out my house is a big one on my list – I need to get rid of so much stuff! x

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