My Daughter at 5 Years Old

My daughter at 5 years old.

At the beginning of January my little munchkin turned 5 years old, which is just completely insane. Sometimes I really can’t believe I am the mother of a five year old, and yet when I see her in her little school uniform or listen to her speak, she seems so grown up.

I’m so incredibly proud of her, and she amazes me every day with how wonderful she is. At the moment she is a right pain in the arse though… she’s been poorly quite a lot, and had more troubles at school, my poor little bunny, so it’s understandable really, but bloody hell it’s hard at the moment. She’s getting to sleep really late every night, saying she’s scared although I don’t really think she is, and she’s so grumpy after school. And she is soooo stubborn and knows her own mind far too well. I’ve been feeling crap too and not sleeping again, so it’s all a barrel of laughs right now!

Loves: Reading, writing, Hula Hoops, presents, her dolls, LEGO, getting up in the middle of the night, arguing with me, mum (Ava wrote that!), the Echo Dot, Dora into the City, dancing and singing. She also recently tried her very first sips of Hot Chocolate (she won’t drink anything but water) and she really liked it (unsurprisingly!).

Dislikes: Waking up in the morning, me when I ask her to do anything, fruit, most vegetables, anything healthy, school lunchtimes, having to tidy up, school.

Favourite toy: I would say her dolls, pushchair, and dolls change bag! She loves roleplaying with them, getting them all ready to go out and then pushing them around the house and talking to them – it’s super cute and endearing (although she swears she doesn’t want to have a baby herself, and gets quite upset about it!).

Favourite book: The Christmasaurus. A bit late I know, but I think it’s nice to read anytime really. I bought it her for Christmas and we’re reading it together every evening and we’re both really enjoying that quality time together, and the book’s good too. It’s the first long book that we’ve read and that doesn’t have (brightly) coloured pictures in it, and I love that she’s got really into it. The book is by Tom Fletcher (of McFly) and is good fun and a nice story.

Challenges: Bedtime! It’s such hard work every night at the moment. She says she’s scared and doesn’t want to be on her own, but I don’t think she really is, she justs wants company. It goes on for ages every night and it’s exhausting. She keeps waking during the night too and wanting to come in with us. Then she’s grumpy and tired every morning.

Best bits: Seeing her playing and running about with her cousin in Whitby. They absolutely adore each other and I love seeing them together now that he’s a bit older. He calls her A-a and it’s so cute.

Five is a lovely age but it’s been really tough recently! I really hope the sleep situation improves soon; she’s so lovely and fun to be around when she’s had enough sleep. I’m sure things will get better once school gets better for her too.

You can read more of her updates here and here.

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