Dear Santa….

It’s November!!!!
Which means we can say…
It’s Christmas next month

I’m a poet and YOU didn’t know it. I knew it though. Did you even notice that it rhymed??

Anyway, I am so excited about Ava’s first Christmas (if you hadn’t already noticed). I don’t care that she won’t really understand it yet, or that she’ll probably be more interested in eating the wrapping paper.
Because it is still going to be so special… the one thing I’ve wanted for so many Christmasses will be snuggling up to me on Christmas morning.
And maybe I’ll even wake up before her for once. No, probably not.

I’ve been thinking A LOT about what Santa should get me her for Christmas, and here are some of the things I’m we’re going to ask nicely for:


I’m not very in the know on children’s toys yet but I’ve read a few things about this ride-on and it seems pretty good. I want something that she can play with now and last throughout her second year seeing as it’s also her birthday in early January so she won’t be getting any (or many) presents during the year.

The plastic-y ride-ons that they just sit on and push themselves along seem a bit boring to me and I haven’t seen any I like the look of. But the Scramble Bug seems quite fun and it’s not too expensive.

Baby Stella Peach

I’ve been looking for a first doll for her for a little while now, and haven’t seen anything I like that is in the right age range for her that doesn’t cost the earth. Man, dolls are expensive.

Anyway, I’ve had the Baby Stella doll recommended to me, and that along with the extremely positive reviews on Amazon I think have me sold on it. I like the Baby Stella Peach doll and the boy version too but I think we would probably get the girl Peach (The doll will actually be for her 1st birthday not Christmas). I still think she’s expensive at around £20, and that’s without buying any accessories to go with her, but all the other cheaper one’s I’ve seen are rather ugly. Sorry dolls.

They will probably be her main presents for Christmas and her birthday and then Santa will hopefully bring her a few other bits such as clothes, toys and books if she’s good. Which she will be. She’s a baby. She can’t be bad. Ooh, I’d also really like her to get a little slide that can be used inside and out which will be good particularly in the summer. Santa, if you’re listening…

Oh and goodness me, I desperately want her (I mean would like, I want never gets, remember? yess, mum) to get some bright yellow Hunter wellies. Oh my heart. But the boy says no because they are too expensive and she will grow out of them too quickly blah blah blah. But he’s not in charge of Santa is he? I do believe that cuddly fellow makes his own decisions. After consulting his elves of course.

Now, what on earth are we going to do about our Christmas tree this year. Ava is just going to want to grab and eat it! That’s gotta hurt.
Has anyone got any ideas?
But don’t tell me to get a fake one. Because I won’t. It has to be real. Oh Christmas tree smell, how I love thee so.

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