December Goals

Hello, December…

How are you? I hope you’ve had a lovely week. I can’t actually believe it’s Friday again already, but I’m so pleased it is. I need a rest and a lie in and to drink wine without feeling guilty. I’ve still been drinking wine most nights but I feel more okay with my poor choices at the weekend.

This week has been a bit of a weird one. On Monday morning I tried to take Ava to school as usual, but the car decided it was a good time to break and it would only crawl along very slowly and then wouldn’t move it’s sorry arse at all. Luckily I managed to get it back to the side of the road outside our house and then we had to get an Uber to school so were annoyingly a bit late because I couldn’t get one for a while.

Anyway, it needs a whole new clutch and some other bits, so it’s going to cost far too much and really it isn’t worth it to fix it, so we’re looking to get a new car now. Which is perfect timing right before Christmas. I’m secretly quite excited about getting a new car, mainly because I’m desperate for one with a built in USB port. I’m dreaming of a Porsche Carrera S in dark grey, to be specific, but I think that’s unlikely…

I have some goals for December. But because I’ve been feeling so shit lately, I want to keep them simple, so I can actually achieve them and I can feel good about myself and like I am on it (which I’m not).

Here they are:

My December Goals

1. Put up the Christmas tree and decorations (after buying a tree and getting the decs out the attic). I’m ready for them now and this is the weekend we usually put them up. I don’t like them being up too early so this weekend is perfect. Annoyingly we’ve now got to fit in looking for a car this weekend on top of my already mammoth to-do list, so there is a chance we won’t get the tree this weekend.

2. Get all of my blog posts written for over the month, including Christmas and the ones I need to have up in January. It’s pretty quiet at the moment anyway, but I have a few reviews and giveaways to do plus my normal posts, and I’d really like to take plenty of time off over Christmas and be relaxed about it.

3. Look after myself a bit more. I’ve been feeling rubbish and I think a lot of is due to stress, which I can’t really do anything about unfortunately. But I’d like to keep exercising, keep filling my belly with good, warming foods, and not eat too much crap and just really take care of myself.

4. Focus on the positives. This is probably the first Christmas ever that I haven’t looked forward to, and I don’t really like that feeling. I don’t want to go on about it, but obviously it’s on my mind a lot at the moment – I should have had my baby with me by Christmas and it hurts a hell of a lot that I won’t. But I really want to try and focus on what I do have and enjoy this Christmas with my family and friends and my daughter in particular. I just want a simple, cosy family Christmas with lots of food and drink (Baileys), and lots of love, and nephew snuggles.

5. Keep up with housework. I’ve been so overwhelmed recently with everything in my life and thoughts in my head and then that makes everything worse and I get even less done. Then the weekends are taken up with getting it all done. But I want to keep up with it all as much as possible over the next few weeks so the house feels nice and so there isn’t loads to do come Christmas Eve. I’m determined to be on top of things this year!

Speaking of which, I’d like to add wrapping all my presents before Christmas Eve to this but I think that is pretty, pretty unlikely and like I said I want to make this list achievable so I feel all accomplished and smug, even if I’ve done nothing of great value.

Do you have any lovely plans for December, or any goals you’d like to achieve?

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