Time Hop: Design Trends For A Mid-Century Modern Home

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Retro styles are coming back in a big way this year. From art deco to minimal interior décor, there are too many to choose from. One which is popular yet unique is mid-century modern. As the name suggests, the fashion came as a result of the events of the mid-20th century, such as wars and the style revolution of the 60s. It is long gone in many respects but still lives on today due to its use of clean lines and love of different materials. Old-school trends are never easy to bring back unless you understand the basics, so here’s what you need to know.

The Distinctive Features

First thing’s first – you need to incorporate the items which make mid-century modern homes popular. You already know about materials and texture, so let’s move on to functionality. The room has to work from a practical standpoint as form follows function, and that is a fundamental of this style. Try manoeuvring furniture into a position that looks good but also allows for space. Another tip to keep in mind is minimalism. Mid-century modern houses don’t use tonnes of ornaments as they add clutter. Finally, use geometric forms to implement sleek lines.

The Colours And Materials

The key is to mix materials and colours to create a bold yet beautiful and warm home. Merging different styles is never easy as there’s a chance they may look tacky. But, don’t let that put you off as some supplies aren’t known for their elegance. Plastic has to be the best example as polymers became a huge part of the fashion in the late 50s. Metal, glass and vinyl are three more resources which never look out of place either. Colours can range from dark and subtle to light and vivid. The strong use of black and white can work perfectly.

The Furniture

One problem that faces modern mid-century homeowners is an authentic piece. There is a temptation to locate bona fide furniture and use it throughout the house. Don’t give in because it’s an expensive trap. Today, it’s straightforward to find furniture which is swathed in the mid-century modern style. Buying vintage is one way to ensure the items seem genuine and don’t hurt the bank balance. Another is to use flexible products. Residence 9 windows are at home in any building thanks to their classic lines. The colours and materials are an excellent fit, too.

The Designers

If in doubt, look to the people who made the fashion famous. In this case, following their advice is a fantastic way to transform a home. Herman Miller, for instance, is a pioneer of modern furniture for that time. The mixture of styles as well as materials and colour will create the ultimate balance in your house. Other designers to watch out for are Eileen Gray, Harry Bertoia and Verner Panton. Knoll is a company which is renowned for its mid-century modern styles, so don’t forget to check out their range.

Are you looking to go back in time? Can you think of any other tips which will help?

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