Extreme Comfort: Making Your Home the Coziest Place Possible

When it comes to interior design, it can be so easy to become preoccupied with the aesthetics and visual aspects of your home. Almost every article that you read will be about how a room looks rather than how it feels. Some people completely forget that this is their living space. It is somewhere that you should be able to feel the utmost comfort, kicking back after a hard day at work and spending some quality time with your family. It would be a major mistake to sacrifice the comfort of your home at the expense of making things look slightly better. Remember, your house is not a show home. Everything needn’t be pristine, spotless and sparkling. Here are a few ways to help your home become the blissful retreat that it should be for you, your family and your guests.

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If there’s one space where it’s absolutely essential to be comfortable, it’s the bedroom. This is where you retire at night, getting your head down and recuperating after a long day. So don’t skimp out on this area. Let’s start with the bed. Make sure that your bed is plenty big enough. If you sleep next to a partner, give yourselves that precious extra space by upgrading from a double bed to a King or Queen size one. Invest in a luxury mattress. This will be worth every penny; not only will it feel like you’re sinking into a bed of clouds as you tuck yourself in, but it will also help support you during your eight hours of rest. This means that you’re less likely to wake in the morning with aches and pains. It will also help improve your posture. Plump pillows are a must. Find one that is perfect for you. You might think that a pillow is just a pillow, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We all sleep best in different positions and the height and firmness of your pillow can make all the difference to the quality of your night’s sleep. Finally, get some high-quality bedding. Whether this is Egyptian cotton or soft silk for sensitive skin. Once your bed is made and ready to go, don’t let anything else get in the way of your relaxing night’s kip. If you’re sensitive to the light, invest in blackout curtains or blinds to avoid waking at the crack of dawn as soon as the sun’s rays creep into your room. You should also consider investing in a lamp for your bedside table. This means that you won’t have to get up to turn the main light off when you’re ready to sleep.

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Living Spaces

The lounge or living room is where most families find that they generally spend most of their time. It’s easy to see why. It’s usually home to the television and it is a communal space where everyone can talk about their day and bond. So make family time extra special. Make sure that there is enough seating for each member of your household to sit down comfortable at once. This prevents people sitting or lying on the floor. No matter how plush your carpet may be, it is still a recipe for a stiff back. Try to find a design that has a deep seat, so you can pull your legs up and lounge if you wish. Brand new leather couches tend to be quite tough, so you might like to pick up a vintage one from a fair or charity shop instead. These will be broken in and much more comfortable from the start. Alternatively, fabric covered sofas are great too! Pile up the cushions and make sure that there are plenty of cozy blankets at hand to snuggle up on colder days. Keep lighting dim. Choose low watt bulbs with a warm glow. Vintage designs are appearing more frequently on the market and these give an extra old school vibe to any space. Make sure there is storage too. This means that things can be easily stored away and eradicates mess, which can create a stifling or overwhelming feel to any space.

The Bathroom

The bathroom may conjure imagery of cold, hard tiles and porcelain. Admittedly, these are great features for a bathroom, as they are waterproof, don’t collect damp and can be wiped clean. But that’s not to say your bathroom can’t be cozy too! Choose warm toned towels and pile them neatly in a towel rail to break up the cold, white interior. If you have a bath then you can create one of the most calming ambiances. Ensure there are candles for when you decide to run a hot bubble bath (never leave these unsupervised when lit, of course).

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