Finishing Touches For a Child’s Bedroom

Since my last post about my daughter’s bedroom and how I wanted to make it nicer for her, I have changed quite a bit, and it is looking much nicer. There is still quite a bit I need to do though, and things I need to get so that it is perfect and well-organised (which it really isn’t yet!). And I need some of those little finishing touches to bring it all together.

I have bought some pretty floral and pink storage boxes that match her bedding, from H&M, and some curtains in similar colours, which still need to go up. At the moment she still has the one’s that have always been in there.

finishing touches for a child's bedroom

I would really like to get a black-out blind to keep her asleep for a bit longer in the mornings – these Disney ones from the company VELUX are pretty cool. The Winnie the Pooh star blind would be really cute to have closed at nighttime and I think she would love it, but it wouldn’t change the look of her room during the day.

finishing touches for a child's bedroom

She has this dolls house that she has had for years now, and she still plays with it all the time. It’s always lived downstairs, but now we are finally getting her room sorted it is time it found a place in her bedroom!finishing touches for a child's bedroomAva has tons of books, upstairs and downstairs, so I would really like to get her a lovely bookcase for her bedroom. I’ve wanted one for her for ages, but never got round to choosing one. This one from The Great Little Trading Company would be perfect.

finishing touches for a child's bedroomWe have one of these storage baskets already for A’s room, but I’d like to get another – they’re a brilliant size and are great for cuddly toy storage or any other toys. We have one in grey and white, but this colour would go really well with her room too.finishing touches for a child's bedroomHow cute is this bunny bookend?! I want it! I seem to be a bit obsessed with bunnies at the moment!finishing touches for a child's bedroom

There are so many lovely things available for children’s rooms at the moment – I like my daughter’s bedroom to be pretty and modern, without being tooo cartoony if at possible. Luckily she seems to like the things that I pick for her at the moment!

Which is your favourite item?

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